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New Way to Fight Fat

You've probably already heard about the health boosting antioxidants in blueberries; according to recent research, the fruit may help you fight fat too!  GO to to find recipes that include berries in salads, pasta and even soup...don't knock it til you've tried it.

Source:The FASEB Journal
Fitness Magazine July/August 2011

Absolute Power Workout

Six turbo toners designed by Alexandra White, a co owner of Jumping Frog Pilates in Tenafly, NJ.

So grab your yoga mat and do the circuit twice, three alternating days a week!

Clamp (Targets back, abs, obliques, inner and outer thighs)
Lie face up on the floor with your arms and legs extended upward; lift head, neck and shoulders off floorSimultaneously lower arms out to sides and open legs 45 degrees, keeping shoulders and chest lifted throughoutReturn to start, squeezing palms together and legs togetherDo 10 to 12 repsSprinkler (Targets back, abs and obliques)
Sit on floor with legs extended, thighs together and feet flexed; tilt torso back 45 degrees and extend arms out to sides, palms facing forwardRotate torso to right, sweeping left arm across body to tap left palm to right palmReturn to start, then repeat to left to complete 1 repDo 10 to 12 repsSkinny Dip (Targets back, abs, obliques, butt)
Lie on floor on left side, propped up on left forearm, knees bent 90 degrees and toes point…

Absolute Power

Flat abs and killer confidence have one thing in common: a hard core.  That's because the muscles that make up your middle dictate not only how you rock a sports bra but also whether you stand tall and pack a punch in kick boxing class.  "Firming the deep ab muscles is the fastest way to shrink your waist and improve your posture", says Alexandra White, a co owner of Jumping Frog Pilates in Tenafly, NJ, who supplied the six turbo toners that you'll find in my next post.  So get your yoga mat and do the upcoming circuit twice three days a week on alternate days.  Then get ready to flash that super fly center!

By: Jenna Autuori-Dedic
Fitness Magazine September 2012

Ban The Fat Talk

Constantly criticizing your exercise and eating habits or comparing your looks with others is linked to poor body image and depression, a new study from the University of Arizona revealed. "This behavior perpetuates society's ideals and makes women feel worse about themselves" study author Analisa Arroyo says. Pledge with your pals to ditch negativity - go to for inspiration - so you can focus on living it up with your hot selves this summer.
Fitness Magazine - July/August 2012

Now that the Olympics are over...

I'm sure we're all still trying to figure out what to watch now that the Olympics are over. So while the weather is still beautiful, why not get outside and enjoy! Get up, get out and take a walk with a friend or dig that bike out of the back of the garage and take a spin.
So now that the Olympics are no longer your excuse to stay inside, it's time to get moving again. Use your favorite athletes from the games as your inspiration. I've got some great posts coming up to help you reach your fitness goals. I can't wait to help you get back on track if you've taken a sideline or if you've kept it going, there's hopefully something new to boost your routine.
Happy Summer!