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More New Music....

I've also been given the opportunity to review Kylie Minogue's new album "The Abbey Road Session".  I've been a fan of Kylie for years so I jumped at the chance to review her new album!  She took a softer side on this album by reworking the tracks that have spanned her 25 year career in the industry.  There are some of your favorites with a new twist with some previously unreleased tracks.
You have to check out "Flower" on YouTube, this is a song that she wrote several years ago following her battle with breast cancer, it is to the child that she wishes she might have one day.  Simply beautiful and moving.  I hope you take the time to check out her new album on iTunes.  Both her beauty and voice just get better with time.

Let me know what you think!

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own.

New Music....

I was given the opportunity to review Chris Mann's new album "Roads", he was a finalist on The Voice.  I was excited to give a listen to the album since I am always looking for new music to either work out with or entertain.  I found this album was best for some quiet background music while taking a break with the girls. He sings some of my personal favorites with his own spin to it, like "I Need You Now" and "Viva La Vida".  His soft voice opens you up to just relax and enjoy the music.  Check out his album on iTunes or some videos and photos on his website, because let's face it he's not too hard on the eyes.

Let me know what you think!

This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album. All opinions stated are my own.

Life Lesson...Be a Natural

Feeling down on your thighs? Step off the stairclimber and get out for a power walk, a hike or a tree climbing session at a nearby park instead. One study found that spending time in nature improves your body image. What's so therapeutic about the great outdoors? The absence of mirrors, movie stars and other things that make you obsess over your appearance may silence your inner critic.
Source: Ecopsychology

Fitness Magazine July/August 2012

Walking Shortcuts

Wherever you're headed this September, you can slash your walking time in half and get the same or better benefits!

Swap your 30 minute walk for a 15 minute beach walk. Walking in the sand burns up to 50 percent more calories than walking on the sidewalk, track or street at the same pace. Why? The muscles in your butt, thighs, feet and ankles have to work harder to push off the sand. This forces you to expend more calories. Plus, the uneven surface of the sand requires you to stabilize your core, so you'll strengthen your abs without even realizing it. Just remember when walking on the beach, wear your sneakers so that you won't injure yourself. Sneakers support your foot and ankle on the sand's uneven surface.

Swap your 40 minute walk for 20 minutes in the pool walking. Just like on land, waking in water is an excellent low impact cardio workout, but it's a better multitasker because it tones your entire body and increases flexibility. Walking one mile in the wat…

Myth or Truth?

You have to work you abs everyday...MYTH. The abs are like any other muscle, they need time to recover. You'll actually see more definition when you take a rest day between workouts. That's when muscle fibers have a chance to repair themselves by creating new muscle tissue. A solid ab routine that you do three times per week, as little as 10-40 minutes per session is enough.

You have to focus on specific muscles to tone your core....MYTH. The best way to strengthen your abs and save time doing it, is to do total body, not spot toning, moves. Any posture that requires body awareness and slow movement is more challenging than endless reps on the floor. Standing moves will help you achieve firm flat abs because by requiring you to maintain your balance, they force you to engage all your ab muscles in a way that spot training moves don't.

Weight Watchers Magazine July/August 2011

New Way to Fight Fat

You've probably already heard about the health boosting antioxidants in blueberries; according to recent research, the fruit may help you fight fat too!  GO to to find recipes that include berries in salads, pasta and even soup...don't knock it til you've tried it.

Source:The FASEB Journal
Fitness Magazine July/August 2011

Absolute Power Workout

Six turbo toners designed by Alexandra White, a co owner of Jumping Frog Pilates in Tenafly, NJ.

So grab your yoga mat and do the circuit twice, three alternating days a week!

Clamp (Targets back, abs, obliques, inner and outer thighs)
Lie face up on the floor with your arms and legs extended upward; lift head, neck and shoulders off floorSimultaneously lower arms out to sides and open legs 45 degrees, keeping shoulders and chest lifted throughoutReturn to start, squeezing palms together and legs togetherDo 10 to 12 repsSprinkler (Targets back, abs and obliques)
Sit on floor with legs extended, thighs together and feet flexed; tilt torso back 45 degrees and extend arms out to sides, palms facing forwardRotate torso to right, sweeping left arm across body to tap left palm to right palmReturn to start, then repeat to left to complete 1 repDo 10 to 12 repsSkinny Dip (Targets back, abs, obliques, butt)
Lie on floor on left side, propped up on left forearm, knees bent 90 degrees and toes point…

Absolute Power

Flat abs and killer confidence have one thing in common: a hard core.  That's because the muscles that make up your middle dictate not only how you rock a sports bra but also whether you stand tall and pack a punch in kick boxing class.  "Firming the deep ab muscles is the fastest way to shrink your waist and improve your posture", says Alexandra White, a co owner of Jumping Frog Pilates in Tenafly, NJ, who supplied the six turbo toners that you'll find in my next post.  So get your yoga mat and do the upcoming circuit twice three days a week on alternate days.  Then get ready to flash that super fly center!

By: Jenna Autuori-Dedic
Fitness Magazine September 2012

Ban The Fat Talk

Constantly criticizing your exercise and eating habits or comparing your looks with others is linked to poor body image and depression, a new study from the University of Arizona revealed. "This behavior perpetuates society's ideals and makes women feel worse about themselves" study author Analisa Arroyo says. Pledge with your pals to ditch negativity - go to for inspiration - so you can focus on living it up with your hot selves this summer.
Fitness Magazine - July/August 2012

Now that the Olympics are over...

I'm sure we're all still trying to figure out what to watch now that the Olympics are over. So while the weather is still beautiful, why not get outside and enjoy! Get up, get out and take a walk with a friend or dig that bike out of the back of the garage and take a spin.
So now that the Olympics are no longer your excuse to stay inside, it's time to get moving again. Use your favorite athletes from the games as your inspiration. I've got some great posts coming up to help you reach your fitness goals. I can't wait to help you get back on track if you've taken a sideline or if you've kept it going, there's hopefully something new to boost your routine.
Happy Summer!


Do these five serious shapers for your best butt ever.
ON YOUR MARK – Targets shoulders, arms, abs and butt
Start on all fours, hands under shoulders and back flatStep left foot forward on floor by left hand, left knee bent 90 degreesExtend your left leg behind you, raising it as high as you can, pointing toesQuickly return left foot to floor by left handDo 15 to 30 reps, switch sides and repeatDo 2 Sets
SADDLEBAG TRIMMER– Targets abs, butt, inner and outer thighs
Start on all fours, then lower right hip to floor so that hips, knees and ankles are stakedBring left knee into chest as you bend elbows to lower chest toward floorStraighten left arm as you extend left leg behind youDo 15-30 reps, switch sides and repeat.  Do 2 sets
LUNGE LEG LIFT –Targets abs, butt, hamstrings and quads
Stand with feet shoulder width apart, then lunge back with left leg, raising arms in front of you shoulder heightStand up on right leg, knee slightly bent, and lift left knee to hip height in front of youExtend l…

Weight Loss Tips To Keep You Going

Measure your steps and reps:  Start with small goals to be able to work yourself up to  doing each exercise until failure…meaning until you just can’t do it anymore!
Seek alternative energy:  Before grabbing a snack for an energy boost, do a mental check on if you’re stressed, low on sleep or thirsty.  Then try to grab a snack that is low on calories, higher in fiber to keep you fuller longer.

Excuse proof your workout: Here are a few exercises that require no equipment, so you can do them ANYWHERE!
Bridge: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor.  Lift hips up so that your body forms a straight line between shoulders and knees.  Lower and repeat.Burpee:  Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms by sides.  Lower into a squat and place palms on floor in front of feet.  Jump feet back into full push up position.  Jump feet towards hands and then jump up immediately, extending hands over head.  Repeat.Three-Legged Plank: Begin on the floor in a full push…


Om time may help you gain control of your cravings.  Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that people who regularly practiced yoga were more mindful of their eating habits.  While there is no guarantee that sun salutations will cure you of wanting seconds, doing a few moves can’t hurt.


Here are some secrets from the Biggest Loser Couples winner Olivia Ward and her sister-teammate Hannah Curlee …
Secret #1 You deserve to be in great shape.  The first step in dropping the weight is realizing that you don’t like where are and know that you deserve to fix it.

Secret #2 Stop being so hard on yourself. Believing that you can do something will make you actually do it!

Secret #3 You don’t have to spend hours in the gym.  Try to find one favorite workout and squeeze that in daily (kickboxing class, spinning, yoga, Zumba)

Secret #4 Eat more, not less.  Start each day with a proper breakfast.  Ditch the deprivation diet and never let yourself get to the point where you’re famished with no healthy food around.  Carry a healthy snack with you at all times for that just in case moment.

Secret #5  Ask for what you want.  When eating out speak up for how you want your food prepared (hold the dressing, half the cheese)

Secret #6  Do the write thing.  Keeping a journal of everything that i…


Abs aren’t always the problem, sometimes it’s your core that needs a little attention.  Check out these core strengthening moves:
SUMO SQUAT JUMP – targets core, butt and legs
Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart Squat tapping floor or shins with handsFrom Squat jump as high as you can, landing feet together, then jump back out, landing in sumo squat position.Do 12 reps
TEASER–targets core
Lie face up with legs and arms extended towards ceilingLower legs toward floor and arms behind head about 45 degrees until you feel your back arching slightlyReturn to startDo 8 reps
KICKED UP CURTSY LUNGE-targets shoulders, core, butt and legs
Stand with feet hip width apart, arms by sidesLunge right leg back, crossing it behind left and bend both knees 90 degrees to do a slight curtsyStand up on left leg, lifting right knee out to side and extend arms out at shoulder height with elbows bent at 90 degreesReturn to curtsy and lower arms to sidesDo 8 reps, switch sides and repeat
Repeat the a…


Tone up in no time from your ticker to your tush with these easy tweaks.

Get more go with a cup of joe.  You’ve heard that coffee can kick start your workout, but how much does it take to net the effect?  According to recent studies from the Australian Institute of Sport, even small amounts of caffeine-1.4 milligrams per pound of body weight, or about two cups of coffee a day for the average 140 pound woman, can help boost speed during cardio, swimming and cycling.  Switch up your workouts for max results.  Attention runners and fans of other high impact cardio classes, build in 30 minutes of full body strength training followed by 20-30 minutes of walking or low impact cardio twice a week to ease up on your muscles and joints.Tighten you abs with balancing tricks.  Exercising on wobbly surfaces forces you to engage your core more, flattening your belly.  Do your bicep curls standing on one leg on a Bosu ball or this pike more with a stability ball:  Start on the floor in full push up …


Use these secrets to peel off pounds!
Fire up your metabolism with intervals, one study found that doing 10 four minute speed bursts with two minutes of slow walking or cycling after each (60 minutes total) three times a week upped the body’s ability to use fat as fuel during exercise by 25% after six weeks.  “Shoot for an eight or nine on an intensity scale of one to ten, when ten is an all out sprint” says lead researcher Christopher Perry Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at the University of Guelph in Canada.Jot down meals and moves.  People who used an online weight control program were more likely to lose pounds when they regularly recorded their weight loss, calories consumed and activity.  Sleep off the flab, getting between six and eight hours of shut-eye a night helped dieters shed more weight in a recent study from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon.  “Plus consistently increasing your sleep, even if only by 30 minutes at night, and sticking to a …


Rev up your mojo in mere seconds.
Move to improve your ‘tude.  Sneak in a morning sweat session and you’ll experience the exercise high all day: Research from the University of Vermont in Burlington shows that doing just 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise – brisk walking or easy paced cycling, for example – gives you a feel good mood recharge that lasts up to 12 hours. Turn your playlist into a pace maker, download the free beatscanner tool at to have it pull the tunes from your playlists that match your temp, or try the sites Workout Music Studio to alter the beat of your faves to suit your pace.See green to enjoy your routine, a Swiss study of 319 city dwellers determined that they found outdoor workouts more restorative than indoor ones.  Find a walking or jogging route on or a nearby bike trail at out to firm up, tale a five at the water fountain to clear your head before you rep:  less stressed exercisers who lifted weig…


This workout helps you sizzle mega calories even while you sleep. (yes it’s scientifically proven)
Obliques and Deep Abs               

– targets abs and obliques (triple the toning for your obliques compared with a standard crunch)
Lie face up on the floor with elbows bent out to sides at shoulder level, hands touching behind ears and knees bent, feet flatCrunch up, lifting feet off floor and rotate torso toward right as you bring your right knee into chest, simultaneously extend left leg diagonally up at a 45 degree angleKeeping torso and legs lifted, switch sides and repeat to complete 1 repDo 10-12 reps, then move on to the Roll – Up
– targets deep abs ( 26% percent more ab flattening than a typical crunch)
Lie face up on floor with arms extended behind your head, palms upEngaging abs, raise arms overhead and slowly lift shoulders and then torso off floor, hinge forward at hips to reach hands to touch toes.  MAKE IT EASIER: Place a folded towel or pillow under lower…


This workout helps you sizzle mega calories even while you sleep. (yes it’s scientifically proven)

Butt and Hamstrings and Quads and Calves

– targets butt, hamstrings and core ( up to double the butt toning of a squat and almost double the hamstring toning)
Start on floor on all fours, knees under hips, palms under shouldersKeeping right knee bent 90 degrees, lift right leg until thigh is parallel to floor.  Lower to startDo 10-12 reps, then switch sides and repeat to complete 1 setMove onto the One-Legged Calf Squat
– targets quads, calves (done while standing on a step with your heel off the edge, this engages 79% of your calf muscles)
Stand on the left foot, holding on to back of chair for balance if needed, right leg bent behind youRaise left heel off floor as high as possible, then bend left knee to lower into a single leg squatReturn to standing, then lower heel to floorDo 10-12 reps, switch legs an repeat.  Then return to the Quadruped.
Continue alternat…


This workout helps you sizzle mega calories even while you sleep. (yes it’s scientifically proven)

Biceps and Triceps

– targets biceps (better arm firming than a standing biceps curl, targeting 90% of the muscle)
Holding a dumbbell in each hand, sit on a chair backward with arms hanging over its back, palms facing upCurl weights toward shoulders, then lowerDo 10-12 reps, then move on to the Diamond Push-Up
-targets triceps, chest (25% more sculpting than standard triceps moves, like overhead extensions)
Start on the floor in a modified push up position, balancing on hands & knees with arms extended so that body forms a straight line from the shoulders to knees, move palms close together under chest, thumbs & forefingers touchingBend elbows to lower chest towards floor.  Return to startDo 8-15 reps, then return to the Preacher Curl
Continue alternating sets until you have done 3 sets of each exercise

Fitness Magazine September 2011


This workout helps you sizzle mega calories even while you sleep. (yes it’s scientifically proven)
Back and Chest

 – targets back, biceps (tones 93% of your upper back muscles-more than any other move tested)
Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms by sidesHinge forward 90 degrees from hips so that back in parallel to the floor and arms extended down, palms facing each otherDrive elbows directly behind you to bring dumbbells by ribs.  Lower.Do 10-12 reps, then move on to the Decline Bench Press
– targets chest, shoulders, butt and hamstrings (6% more chest toning than flat on your back version)
Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lie face up on the floor with knees bent and feet flat; bring arms out to the sides at shoulder level, then bend elbows 90 degrees so that forearms are perpendicular to the floor, palms forwardLift hips off floor so that body forms a straight line from knees to shouldersMaintaining bridge position, extend…


Following a meal that’s high in fat with coffee and dessert can cause your blood sugar to sky rocket, according to new research from the University of Guelph in Canada.  “Coffee and fat slow your body’s ability to deal with sugar, explains lead author Marie-Soleil Beaudoin.  “in our study, they temporarily sent participants blood sugar to levels similar to those of prediabetic patients”.  Have a cup of decaf instead, you’ll sleep better too.

Fitness Magazine September 2011


Now that I’ve got your attention….here’s how to slim down your favorite drinks with these four simple tips.  Cheers!MASTER MARGARITAS, fill your glass with Jose Cuervo Authentic Light Margarita.  Eight ounces has just 181 calories, half the amount in most margaritas.MAKE DIY DAIQUIRIS, blend rum with fresh or frozen unsweetened strawberries, lime juice, stevia and shaved ice rather than a premade sugar packed mixer, you’ll save about 150 calories a half cup, says Alyse Levine, R.D., nutrition advisor for OUT THE TONIC, “Mix your drink with seltzer or soda water instead and you can slash 80 calories”, says Dawn Jackson Blatner R.D., a FITNESS advisory board member and author of The Flexitarian Diet.ROCK ON, enjoy flavored vodka on the rocks instead of fruity mixed drinks.  Try Voli light vodkas, one and half ounces of which have about 80 calories.
-Jenna Bergen
Fitness Magazine September 2011


Go ahead, embrace your sugar cravings.  People who reported eating  candy and chocolate tended to weigh less and have smaller waists and lower BMIs than those that said they didn’t eat sweet stuff, a new study in Nutrition Research finds.  It’s possible that the people who consume candy exercise more frequently, says Carol O’Neil, Ph.D, lead author of the study and professor of human nutrition and food at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center in Baton Rouge.  “But that doesn’t mean you can eat lots of candy and expect to drop pounds”, warns Molly Kimball, R.D., a sports dietitian in New Orleans.  “Moderation is key”.  She recommends sticking to a 100 calorie serving.

Fitness Magazine September 2011


Because most jobs require less physical activity than they did 50 years ago, we’re missing out on roughly 100 calories of daily burn, which may be expanding our waistlines, new research from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge found.  Male up for that fat-melting deficit with some sneaky strategies:
Copy Documents burn 16 caloriesStand while filing burn 21 caloriesTidy your cubicle and water the office plants burn 26 caloriesTake the stairs instead of the elevator burn 37 caloriesTOTAL 100 CALORIES BURNEDbased on a 140 pound woman performing the activity for 10 minutes
Fitness Magazine October 2011


Need a pick-me-up?  Getting active in the great outdoors is doubly good for your mental health.  “Nature protects us from stress and helps us think more clearly”  says Jo Barton Ph.D. a senior researcher at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.  Her recent study found that 88% of people were in a better mood after walking on a nature trail, while 45% who walked in a mall felt worse.  Too busy for a hike?  Even five minutes of what researchers call green exercise will do you good.

Fitness Magazine October 2011


The secret to sculpting a sleek body may be a little friendly competition, according to a study from Michigan State University in East Lansing.  When paired with more capable virtual opponents in a workout video game, study participants stayed in plank position 24 percent longer than they could when matched up against equally fit fellow exercisers.  If your partner is better than you, you tend to raise your own goals to match or even outdo that person, says Deborah Feltz PHD, the  lead study author.  No pal to push you?  Working out with even an unfamiliar person or group can subconsciously spur you to try to impress them, Feltz says.  Join a new gym class or running club and choose the next level up to ensure that you bring your A game.
Fitness Magazine October 2011


Eat a lighter lunch and you could drop 26 pounds this year and never feel hungry.  A recent study in the journal Appetite found that people who opted for a portion controlled dish at midday took in about 250 fewer calories daily and felt as full immediately afterward as those who served themselves from a buffet.  The act of sitting down to a meal is satisfying regardless how big or small it is, lead author David A Levitsky PHD says.  Smart, slimming lunch choices include low calorie frozen meals, like Amys Light & Lean Pasta & Veggies, and single serve soup cups.

Fitness Magazine January 2012


You’re never too busy for these stealth muscle strengthening moves:

Belly Shaper
Inhale deeply and on the exhale tighten abs as hard as you can.  Your belly button should feel as if its pressing against your spine.  Hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat 5 times

Glute Glorifier
Sit up straight in your chair. Abdominals tight and squeeze your glutes (butt cheeks) together for 5 seconds, then release for 2 seconds, repeat 10 times

Thigh Master
Stand up straight with one leg 2 to 3 inches behind you, hold onto a chair or touch fingertips lightly against a wall, if needed for balance.  With foot flexed, tighten inner and outer thighs and lift the leg that’s behind you 2 to 3 inches off the ground.  Hold for 10 seconds, switch legs and repeat 5 times

How much is enough?  Begin with one set of all three exercises and aim to work up to 3 sets a day.

January/February 2012  Weight Watchers Magazine


Before signing on the dotted line and joining a gym, here are four questions worth asking:What’s the vibe inside the club?  Take a tour and pay attention to the noise level, cleanliness and smell.  If the clientele is intimidating or the gym is packed during the hours you’d normally be there, chances are you’ll skip your sessions.How important are extras?  High tech equipment, fancy shampoo and free babysitting can raise fees, but if you are more likely to visit the club, then they are worthy of additional expense.Is  a free trial option?  Managers are under pressure to bring in clientele in January, they’ll often give you a free week or even waive the sign up fees.  Ask about incentives at the end of the month too when they are scrambling to meet quotas.Do you have to sign a contract?  Your circumstances can change in an instant, so start with a month to month deal if possible.  Generally you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice to cancel your membership.
January/February 2012 Weight Watch…

TAKE 15!

Who needs or wants to spend all day at the gym?  Instead set aside 15 minutes and use your own body weight to  get this killer workout at home.  Repeat this circuit four times per session and aim for at least two to three sessions per week:
Hip Ups (works arms and oblique’s)
Lie on right side, with elbow directly underneath your shoulder, forearm on the floor.  Place left foot on top of right foot.  Raise hips so that your body is in a straight line from head to heels.  Hold for 10 seconds, slowly lower hip back to floor.  Do 12 reps, then switch sides. 

Glute Bridge(works glutes, hamstrings and lower back)
Place a sturdy chair against a wall with the seat facing you.  Lie flat on your back, arms at sides, knees bent in a 90 degree angle, resting heels on chair.  Using only your legs, push your hips upward as high as you can.  Thighs should be in a straight line with back.  Hold for 5 seconds, slowly lower hips back to starting position, do 20 reps

Plank(works core, shoulders and lower ba…

Pump It Up!

Here’s the latest word on what you must do to keep your heart in fighting form. If you’re a woman of a certain age, you need to start thinking about heart disease right now.  The American Heart Association suggests following the seven heart healthy guidelines below.
Cholesterol: should be less than 200, one way to help you keep this in check is more fiber.  Pick whole fruits over juiceBlood Pressure: should be 120/80, drive down blood pressure by lowering your daily sodium intakeSugar Level: should be less than 100, reduce your by sharing the occasional dessert and cutting back on sweetsSmoking: don’t start or quit! If you’ve tried to quit before and failed, go to for resourcesBody Mass Index(BMI): should be less than 25, Unsure of what your BMI is?  Use this iPhone app (BMI calculator, free, APPS.USA.GOV)Exercise: should get at least 2/5 hours a week of activity, adopt a dog, the worlds cheapest personal trainer, to guarantee you walk daily.Healthy Diet: Lots of fruit, veggi…

The Worst Day for Weight Loss

Be wary of what you eat on Saturday-your waist line could end up with a case of the Mondays in the weeks ahead, say the Washington University School of Medicine researchers.  Using food diaries, exercise monitors and a series of weigh ins, they tracked 48 adults (age 50 to 60) and found that participants consumed more calories on Saturday than any other day of the week.  Over a year, researchers say the extra noshing would add up to 9 pounds!

Prevention Magazine-November 2008

Fruit: The New Cookie

Attention adults: Time to take a healthy eating lesson from the young ones in your life.  Fresh fruit has beat out cookies as the top snack food among children ages 2 to 12, according to a recent survey by market research firm NPD Group.  Adults prefer gum and chocolate; in 2005 only 28.7% of grown woman ate the recommend two or more servings of fruit per day.  Toss a portable piece like a kiwifruit, banana or pear into your purse so you have a healthy snack at the ready.

Prevention Magazine 2008

Bargan Ab Flattener

Roll over stability balls, a new study shows they’re not the only way to firm your belly.  When Northern Illinois University researchers sized up ab moves done on an inflatable disc, stability ball, Bosu Trainer and bench, the discs took first place activating 24% more muscle fiber than the others.  Researchers say balancing on the discs 13inch surface had a tightrope like effect.  Better yet. At under $25 the disc was the cheapest solution tested!

Prevention Magazine 2008

5 Reasons to Walk

Studies show that even small amounts of brisk walking can keep you healthy .  Here’s the amount you need daily to lower your risk of five diseases:

17 Minutes reduces DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS by 41%17 Minutes reduces COLON CANCER by 31%18 Minutes reduces CORONARY HEART DISEASE by 36%21 Minutes reduces STROKE by 43%30 Minutes reduces TYPE 2 DIABETES by 30% Time to get walking!!!

Prevention Magazine – November  2008

4 New Ways to Stop Stress Eating

Can’t resist the office vending machine?  Well….blame your boss.  According to researchers at Emory University when alpha female monkeys ordered around less dominant pack members, the inferior animals ate significantly more AND gained more weight over a 2 month period of than the “mean girls” in charge.  The submissive monkeys also had higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone linked with dangerous belly fat.  Here are a few work friendly ways to prevent stress eating:
Email yourself every time you eat.  Include the details of why and review the messages every Friday and look for patterns.  Create an action plan of what you’ll do differently next time.Instead of turning to food, email a buddy and tell her how you’re feeling.  Wait for her response before hitting the kitchenSip green of black tea before reaching for a snack.  The drink contains theanine an amino acid that increases levels of relaxing chemicals in the brain.Join an Internet community for support, such as an emotional…

5 Food Rules to Live By

Snack on Almonds:  When salty cravings strike, bypass the pretzels or popcorn and grab some almonds!  California researchers found that those who noshed on nuts shrank their waistlines nearly 50% more than dieters that didn’t eat them, despite eating the same amount of calories.Fill up on fiber:  when you slow digestion, you slow the delivery of glucose to the bloodstream, meaning less insulin is released and with lower insulin release comes lower visceral (belly) fat storage.  Aim for at least 25 grams a day!Stay satisfied with protein.  Gram for gram protein has the same number of calories as carbs (and half that of fat), but takes longer to digest, so you feel fuller longer.Skip the sweetener:  In a 5 week study by Purdue University researchers, rats given unlimited access to artificially sweetened yogurt consumed more calories, gained more weight and packed on more fat than those who ate sugar sweetened yogurt.  Researchers believe that artificial sweeteners may hinder your body’s…

If You Have 15 Minutes...(part two)

You can target your biggest trouble zone. Fifteen minutes is just enough time to effectively work your lower body, burning approximitly 96 calories.

Complete all of the Butt and Leg exercises using a pair of 5 to 10 pound dumbbells, working this muscle group twice a week. Perform this as a circuit, doing 3 sets.

Single Leg Squat:  Stand facing away from a chair, holding dumbbells at sides.  Step forward about 2 feet.  Place top of right foot on seat and slowly bend left knee into a squat, being sure not to let knee go past toes.  Stand back up.  Do 12 reps, squat one more time with left leg and hold in down position for about 20 seconds.  Switch legs, repeat.Wall Sit with Body Weight:  Stand with your back and butt against the wall feet hip width apart and about one foot from wall.  Bend knees and slide body down wall until knees are almost at 90 degrees and in line with ankles.  Hold for 30 seconds, do 3 reps.Single Leg Deadlift:  Stand with feet together, dumbbells at sides.  Lift r…

If You Have 15 Minutes...(part one)

You can target your biggest trouble zone.  Fifteen minutes is just enough time to effectively work your upper body, burning approximitly 96 calories.

Complete all of the Shoulders/Arms exercises using a pair of 5 to 10 pound dumbbells, working this muscle group twice a week.  Perform this as a circuit, doing 4 sets of 12-15 reps each.
Lateral Raise:  Stand with feet hip width aoart, holding dumbbells at sides, with palms facing in.  Lift arms out to shoulder height, keeping elbows soft, palms facing forward.  HOld for one count, and then lower.  For the last set of the circuit, do 15 reps using only right arm, the switch sides and repeat.Biceps Curl Into Shoulder Press:  Hold dumbbells in front of thighs with palms facing forward.  Bend elbows and curl weights towards shouldersOnce weights are at shoulder height, tuen palms forward, bring elbows up to shoulder height, and lift weights together overhead.  Lower to start and repeat. For final circuit do 15 reps using only right arm, then …

If You Have 5 Minutes...

You can get your heart rate soaring, jolt your energy, tone all of your muscles and help your bones!  The key to all of this is Plyometrics or jumping exercises, which are best when done in small doses, making them a perfect micro-mini workout!

The following routine will burn about 43 calories, do all the moves, then repeat the sequence 1 time, resting as needed between exercises to catch your breath:
JumpSquat: Stand with feet slightly more than hip width apart and squat down, keeping your knees in line with ankles.  Immediately jump back up, using your arms for momentum and land quietly in a squat.  Do 7 reps.JumpLunge: Stand with feet hip width apart and lunge back with right foot.  Bend both knees, keeping left knee over ankle.  Exhale and jump up, switching legs midair so right leg is forward and left leg is back when you land.  DO 10 reps, alternating legs with each jump.PlyometricPush-Up: Start in push-up position (hands under shoulders, back straight, abs engaged, toes tucked un…

Core Report

Forget EVERYTHING you know about ab exercises, Wendy Toth of Weight Watchers Magazine debunks the myth that crunches are king when it comes to flat abs!
She found that crunches will tone one section of your abs, but they won't get you a flat stomach and here's why:
As you crunch you're engaging your upper and middle rectus muscle (aka six-pack muscle) and giving the transversus abdominis (the corset muscle that wraps around your entire midsection) only a little work.  This is not enough to create the definition you're looking for.

Weight Watchers Magazine July/August 2011

Measure Up For Your Heart

Think twice before having that second helping of pie.  New research in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reveals that people that gained as little as 9 pounds in 2 months experienced a drop in blood vessel function, which is a precursor for heart disease.

If you notice your pants are feeling a little snug, take action.  The study's authors found that once people shed the pounds they gained, their blood flow returned to normal. 
That's news worth taking to heart.

Shape Magazine November 2010

Healthy Fast Food

When life dishes you insane work deadlines, long road trips or back to back appointments with the kids, fast food becomes a fact of life.  You can do major nutritional damage in the drive thru, so Family Circle Magazine scoured the menu at some popular fast food restaurants to make a list of the top picks.

Healthiest picks from the menu:
McDonalds: Honey Mustard Grilled Snack Wrap and Snack Size Fruit and Walnut Salad (470 cal, 17g Fat)  Burger King: Hamburger and Value Sized Unsalted French Fries (480 cal, 21g fat)  Hold BK to the motto "Have it your way", order a basic burger without mayo and extra lettuce and tomato to boost your veggies, ask for those fries without salt and you save 100 mg of sodiumWendys: Large Chili with a side of Mandarin Oranges (420 cal, 10g fat, 9g fiber)  KFC: Honey BBQ sandwich and Large Corn on the Cob (460 cal, 4.5g fat, )Panera: Cup of Vegetable Soup with Pesto and Half a Smoked Turkey Sandwich (380 cal, 5g fat)Pizza Hut: 2 slices of medium Thin…

Portion Control Tricks

In a five week study of college freshman eating at a dining hall, the portion sizes of French Fries were gradually decreased by 15% each week for three weeks.  The smaller portion sizes eventually resulted in significant decreases in intake of that food, despite the fact that it took place in an all you can eat dining hall.

How you can use this news?  Start serving yourself smaller portions of foods little by little.  Buy a medium fry instead of a large, remove a tablespoon or two of pasta, rice or cereal, buy loaves if bread with smaller slices.  Serve your meals on smaller plates, you'll trick yourself into eating less.

Weight Watchers Weekly;; Maria Kinirons, RD

Believe It to Achieve It

Set a big resolution?

Keep up your can do attitude for three weeks and you could see it thru!  Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that among former couch potatoes who consistently worked out three times per week, those who scored high on their scale of confidence in their capabilities on day 21 stuck to their new regimen for the rest of the year.

So basically you've now developed a "habit" and your motivation is simply auto-pilot.  Now going to the gym seems like a cinch rather than a chore.  Here are three strategies to keep your motivation strong all year long!
Keep Track: Log your healthy meals and daily workouts.  When you do this you are keeping yourself accountable and seeing how much progress you've madeTake on a Challenge: Train for a triathlon, run your first or fastest race or join a bike competition.Try Something New: Switch up your workout with a boot camp, a dance class or kickboxing routine.Fitness Magazine January 2012