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You’re never too busy for these stealth muscle strengthening moves:

Belly Shaper
Inhale deeply and on the exhale tighten abs as hard as you can.  Your belly button should feel as if its pressing against your spine.  Hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat 5 times

Glute Glorifier
Sit up straight in your chair. Abdominals tight and squeeze your glutes (butt cheeks) together for 5 seconds, then release for 2 seconds, repeat 10 times

Thigh Master
Stand up straight with one leg 2 to 3 inches behind you, hold onto a chair or touch fingertips lightly against a wall, if needed for balance.  With foot flexed, tighten inner and outer thighs and lift the leg that’s behind you 2 to 3 inches off the ground.  Hold for 10 seconds, switch legs and repeat 5 times

How much is enough?  Begin with one set of all three exercises and aim to work up to 3 sets a day.

January/February 2012  Weight Watchers Magazine


Before signing on the dotted line and joining a gym, here are four questions worth asking:What’s the vibe inside the club?  Take a tour and pay attention to the noise level, cleanliness and smell.  If the clientele is intimidating or the gym is packed during the hours you’d normally be there, chances are you’ll skip your sessions.How important are extras?  High tech equipment, fancy shampoo and free babysitting can raise fees, but if you are more likely to visit the club, then they are worthy of additional expense.Is  a free trial option?  Managers are under pressure to bring in clientele in January, they’ll often give you a free week or even waive the sign up fees.  Ask about incentives at the end of the month too when they are scrambling to meet quotas.Do you have to sign a contract?  Your circumstances can change in an instant, so start with a month to month deal if possible.  Generally you’ll need to give 30 days’ notice to cancel your membership.
January/February 2012 Weight Watch…

TAKE 15!

Who needs or wants to spend all day at the gym?  Instead set aside 15 minutes and use your own body weight to  get this killer workout at home.  Repeat this circuit four times per session and aim for at least two to three sessions per week:
Hip Ups (works arms and oblique’s)
Lie on right side, with elbow directly underneath your shoulder, forearm on the floor.  Place left foot on top of right foot.  Raise hips so that your body is in a straight line from head to heels.  Hold for 10 seconds, slowly lower hip back to floor.  Do 12 reps, then switch sides. 

Glute Bridge(works glutes, hamstrings and lower back)
Place a sturdy chair against a wall with the seat facing you.  Lie flat on your back, arms at sides, knees bent in a 90 degree angle, resting heels on chair.  Using only your legs, push your hips upward as high as you can.  Thighs should be in a straight line with back.  Hold for 5 seconds, slowly lower hips back to starting position, do 20 reps

Plank(works core, shoulders and lower ba…

Pump It Up!

Here’s the latest word on what you must do to keep your heart in fighting form. If you’re a woman of a certain age, you need to start thinking about heart disease right now.  The American Heart Association suggests following the seven heart healthy guidelines below.
Cholesterol: should be less than 200, one way to help you keep this in check is more fiber.  Pick whole fruits over juiceBlood Pressure: should be 120/80, drive down blood pressure by lowering your daily sodium intakeSugar Level: should be less than 100, reduce your by sharing the occasional dessert and cutting back on sweetsSmoking: don’t start or quit! If you’ve tried to quit before and failed, go to for resourcesBody Mass Index(BMI): should be less than 25, Unsure of what your BMI is?  Use this iPhone app (BMI calculator, free, APPS.USA.GOV)Exercise: should get at least 2/5 hours a week of activity, adopt a dog, the worlds cheapest personal trainer, to guarantee you walk daily.Healthy Diet: Lots of fruit, veggi…

The Worst Day for Weight Loss

Be wary of what you eat on Saturday-your waist line could end up with a case of the Mondays in the weeks ahead, say the Washington University School of Medicine researchers.  Using food diaries, exercise monitors and a series of weigh ins, they tracked 48 adults (age 50 to 60) and found that participants consumed more calories on Saturday than any other day of the week.  Over a year, researchers say the extra noshing would add up to 9 pounds!

Prevention Magazine-November 2008

Fruit: The New Cookie

Attention adults: Time to take a healthy eating lesson from the young ones in your life.  Fresh fruit has beat out cookies as the top snack food among children ages 2 to 12, according to a recent survey by market research firm NPD Group.  Adults prefer gum and chocolate; in 2005 only 28.7% of grown woman ate the recommend two or more servings of fruit per day.  Toss a portable piece like a kiwifruit, banana or pear into your purse so you have a healthy snack at the ready.

Prevention Magazine 2008

Bargan Ab Flattener

Roll over stability balls, a new study shows they’re not the only way to firm your belly.  When Northern Illinois University researchers sized up ab moves done on an inflatable disc, stability ball, Bosu Trainer and bench, the discs took first place activating 24% more muscle fiber than the others.  Researchers say balancing on the discs 13inch surface had a tightrope like effect.  Better yet. At under $25 the disc was the cheapest solution tested!

Prevention Magazine 2008

5 Reasons to Walk

Studies show that even small amounts of brisk walking can keep you healthy .  Here’s the amount you need daily to lower your risk of five diseases:

17 Minutes reduces DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS by 41%17 Minutes reduces COLON CANCER by 31%18 Minutes reduces CORONARY HEART DISEASE by 36%21 Minutes reduces STROKE by 43%30 Minutes reduces TYPE 2 DIABETES by 30% Time to get walking!!!

Prevention Magazine – November  2008