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Move to Lose More!

The trick? Combine activity with a healthy eating plan.
So as I'm sure you've already said to yourself- duh! Everyone knows that. But it really is tricky because we all know it, but we all struggle with it. If we didn't we wouldn't need to be attending Weight Watchers meetings or following a weight management program at home. Something to remember is that physical activity isn't just going to the gym or jogging around the block. Movement is technically "any body movement that increases your energy expenditure." Any time that you move you are physically active so that means carrying groceries (in one trip if you're like me), dancing with a friend, walking a 5K. Now if you change what and how you're eating and match that with an increase of activity- you should see a 20% greater weight loss than changing your diet alone!
"How it helps is that aside from enhancing your wellbeing, boosting your mood, helping your heart health and cu…

Get Happy

Boost your everyday joy - it can help you live healthier and lose weight. Let's face it when we're happy everyday tasks seem easier, the day seems brighter, our loved ones seem awesome, all is right with the world, right? It gets better! Happiness not only affects how we feel but what we do, who knew right?! Studies have shown that Happy people make better choices overall. That means better food choices and getting out there to move more. You have more energy. You engage socially. You are more likely to perform more "good for you actions", like eating more nutritious food and getting more rest-because of more activity!
"Happy is as Happy does". Although half of our tendency towards happiness is genetic, another 10% from our environment and the remaining 40% is determined by what we do. You can choose to do things that make you happy. Small things can make a big difference. Even taking a moment to take in that sunrise or sunset while you're…

Sunday Vibes

Those Sunday Vibes. I've got them. I slacked off in August. I went on vacation and stopped tracking. Then upon coming back from vacation, settling back in to the school routine I'm noticing that scale creep back up. I don't want that to happen so I need to get a hold of myself again and start tracking. It's just that simple. When I'm tracking (and following) what I'm eating, I do better. It really is a no brainer.  It of course there are a million reasons why I don't track. The biggest one is it keeps me in denial of how much I'm actually eating.

I also started back at weekly meetings today.  there was a special for a 3 month membership where it cost me just slightly more than what I pay to go once a month.  I like going to the meetings, I get a lot out of them.  The Sunday morning group I found is great.  So I'm paid up through December 1st.  We'll see how this goes.  I'm hoping that I don't fall into the same cycle as I did th…

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Knowing the truth about common beliefs can help you succeed.
Weight loss myths, everyone's heard them, everyone's tried a few and some of us truly believe a few are true!  I know I've fell into some of the weight loss myths myself and the fallout is usually not pretty. They've been around since the beginning of people working to lose weight. These myths "masquerade as truths". "Some of them are passed through generations such as don't eat after 8pm while others linger on from outdated science (fat free craze of the 80's). And still others offer that magic bullet that promises to shed those pounds effortlessly". "Believing and following myths can hold you back. And it's not always easy to separate fact from fiction. But remember the golden rule - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is." Here are some of the most common "tall tales" of weight loss and the "simple truth" behind them.
Myth -…

Sunday Vibes

So I missed the last two week's Sunday Vibes because I was  in vacation mode. I'm back at it this week and I also need to get back to tracking again. I didn't track all vacation and although according to my home scale I stayed about the same, I still have goals to lose weight.
In order to get back on track my plan for today is to meal plan for the upcoming week. Get back in the meeting room and also begin walking during the weekdays. I'm officially cleared to swim and lift over 10lbs as of September 1st. I hit the meeting room yesterday morning for the first time since August 6th and was up .8. I'm not stressing because I have a plan.
I've also got some business goals for myself this fall. I'm dabbling with an Etsy shop for my crafts-such as the rock painting hobby I took up while on vacation and the jewelry stamping I've been making as personal gifts the last few months.  The shop is up and running with a handful of listings as well a…

Stand Up to Stigma

Shift your thinking to overcome weight-related negativity.
In the meeting room the first week of August we discussed Weight related stigmas and discrimination. "Have you ever faced Weight stigma?  If you suspect that your body size has negatively affected how someone views or thinks about you or you have been called a hurtful name because of your weight then the answer is yes." "Weight stigma can come from anyone- a loved one, a coworker, your doctor, even a passerby. What makes this form of stigma unlike others is that we might believe it's true, BLAMING ourselves for being stigmatized rather than the person who was unkind to us. Some people affected by stigma turn to food to cope, for others it chips away at their self esteem."
I know for me that my doctor was the biggest offender of weight stigma. I have been battling with hypothyroidism for several years now. I often felt like my medication levels weren't correct and that was stalling my …

Eat Your Vegetables (and fruits too!)

There's no better time to enjoy them than at their peak!

Going into the first week of August we talked about eating your veggies and fruits. But more than just "eat more veggies" and "eat more fruits". We discussed that even though fruits and veggies are zero point foods that doesn't mean that they're "free".

During our meeting our leader brought up a great point- when you call something "free", most of us are programmed to go overboard, because it's free right?! Except it's not really free. Those fruits and veggies that some of us stopped counting (because they're zero) still have calories and sugar. But as we also discussed-grabbing that extra piece of fruit is better than that bag of chips or sleeve of cookies you may have been eating before.  Because if we're honest none of us joined Weight Watchers or any other weight loss program because we ate too much fruit or veggies. It's all about balance. If you chose …

Focus on Fun

Choose physical activity that you enjoy- It can help you succeed at weight loss!
In the meeting room during the last week of July we talked about focusing on fun. Making your movement goals by doing things you enjoy rather than by doing what you think you should do. My leader gave a great example of how to have fun while earning fit points, she had us all stand up and we did the hokey pokey! It proved that just having fun or doing something silly still counts as earning activity points. We all traded stories about the last time we "had fun" or "played". For some it was gardening, furniture restoration or another hobby. For others like myself, it was doing things with our children. I gave the example of a family hike or walk and playing with James (my youngest) in the sprinkler.
The Weight Watchers Weekly on this topic reminds you to "Move the way you love! Swapping an it's good for me mentality for an it feels good to me mentality can open up…

Sunday Vibes

A day late, I totally missed Sunday!  I'm on vacation mode.  We're in Maine on our annual family vacation.  We picked a really cute house that is large enough to accommodate my family of four, my sister's family of three and my other sister and in-laws will be coming for a short stay towards the end of our ten day adventure.

When I left the house I said goodbye to my scale for the next ten days too!  I'm also going to take a break from tracking.  I will continue to post my meals as usual so I have some sort of an idea when I look back on what I ate.  My goals are simple for vacation.  Eat the best I can (I'm not cooking most of the time and sharing with people that eat very differently), not stressing if I make a less than great food choice, get 10K or more steps per day and drink water...plenty of water!  We have kayaks available all week and I'm looking forward to spending more time on the water using them.  I'm not allowed to do any swimming but kayaki…

Tap the Power of Mindfulness

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf" ~Jon Kabat-Zinn
In the meeting room during the third week of July we discussed mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as being aware of the here and now. That's it. Awareness. Without judgement, no good or bad labels. "In a way, it's taking yourself off autopilot, which can help you keep your goals top of mind. "
"Being more mindful can boost your well-being, optimism and self esteem. It can help you more easily see the positive changes (off and on the scale) that you've made happen with your healthier food and activity choices."  Mindfulness is also useful to help you manage negative emotions such as stress, sadness, anxiety and so on without turning to food to cope.
An exercise that is given in the Weight Watchers Weekly is "Just Breathe".
1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nostrils, hold for two seconds, then exhale thro…

There is no magic number!

Sunday morning in the Weight Watchers meeting room one of the things we talked about is how you aren't determined by the number on the scale or in your clothes. Those numbers don't define you and shouldn't be the cause for you to "wait until you've reached that so called magic number". My leader caught me agreeing to all that she said and put me out there. I responded with some painful truth for me. When I hit my goal weight in 2010/2011, I didn't find that pot of happiness at the end of the journey and at the time I couldn't tell you why. I couldn't tell you why until just recently.
Now don't get me wrong, I had some other things going on around this time that added to my misery but my weight loss "let down" was from other choices. I'll roll back to the beginning. My original "weight loss why", the reason I started my journey was "To do something for me, put myself first". Nathan was born in the summer of 2…

Sunday Vibes

So I'm still in the recovery stage of having gallbladder surgery. I met with the surgeon for my follow up, he said I'm healing well and I have no dietary restrictions. But I'm land bound for the next four weeks along with no lifting over 10lbs. It came as a setback for me because I really thought I'd be cleared to go swimming while I'm on vacation but I understand the reasoning as to why (I'm healed externally but internally I'm still healing and swimming it soaking could cause a reversal of external healing). I definitely don't want that! So I'm allowed to go boating and anything else I feel up to. I had planned on trying kayaking for the first time.
Food wise, I'm just learning what works best for my body right now. I learned ice cream and I have to break up (which we were in a dicey relationship before this anyway) and sweets aren't really my friend either. The doctor tells me that at the six week mark things should all feel back to nor…

Be A Party Boss

Socialize Smart with Weight Watcher's tips for estimating portions away from home!
During the second week of July we discussed attending parties and the like in the meeting room. Because let's face it, it's that time of year. We're all heading to BBQ s more often than ever! For me mid July is the biggest. My boys have birthdays one month apart so we do one big family barbecue for them and they each get a cake. So lots of tasty food followed by my favorite cake!  In prior years I just ate until I could explode and chalked it up to a once a year experience. This year I was more mindful when it came to my eating. My original plan was to go easy on the food and save cake for the next day - as the party was Saturday afternoon and my weigh in day is Sunday morning. Instead I went for plan b. I ate in moderation and had some cake. The scale wasn't in my favor, but I'm also sure that it could have been much worse. On Sunday I ate my heart out and finished …

Sunday Vibes

So as I take a look back at my week, overall I had a good one. I ate when I was hungry and made mindful choices. I tracked each and everyday using both the Weight Watchers app and My Fitness Pal. What's kind of crazy is how on days that were out of sight for points on Weight Watchers weren't bad calorie/nutrient wise on My Fitness Pal. I haven't been drinking enough water. That I do know. I have a personal goal of 120oz per day and I've been averaging about half of that so I'd like to step it up on that end. Not eating sweets has been an intermittent problem for me over this past week. However I was able to satisfy the cravings with some mini marshmallows. 
One thing I've noticed this week is I'm feeling a little down, emotionally. I've been recovering remarkably well from my gallbladder surgery and I am thankful for that. Right now I'm only taking Tylenol and Motrin as needed, which is rarely. I am able to move around fairly well wit…

Assert Yourself

Asking for help from others helps you get what you need - and it can be easier than you think!
In the beginning of July this was the meeting room topic.  How to assert yourself.  "Assertion is expressing yourself in an honest, straightforward way that helps you get what you need.  It shows you respect yourself and others"  Sounds like an easy thing to do, but many of us struggle with it.  Will we come off as aggressive, too assertive, will it make people shy away from us?  These are all of the thoughts that plague us during our journey.  It can be considered another form of putting others needs before our own.  If you are worrying how others may take your assertiveness, you may not be getting what YOU need!  Asseriveness is a skill, so it can be learned.  Once you've mastered being assertive in an effective way, you'll stop worrying about coming on too strong or just not making the request at all.

"being able to respectfully but firmly express feelings and ask fo…

Sunday Vibes

So on my way home from my meeting this morning I decided to dust off a blog post that i used to do at the beginning of each week that reflects upon what I feel i did right and I what I feel I could do better in the coming week.  For some reason I stopped doing that, but I starting again today.  I think it's a good tool for me to look back upon and if it helps someone else along the way?  Even better!

Something else that has been on my mind a lot lately is my own feeling of "non-success" with attending weight watchers meetings.  Now I know there are going to be plenty of people that say "stick with it" but I should say that I'm not giving up on the program, but I am going to tailor it to me.   So over the past six months I've religiously attended my Sunday morning Weight Watchers meetings.  I love how the meeting feels.  I love the new people I've met.  However during these past six months what I haven't done is lost  much.  I have lost inches …

My gallbladder attacked!!

So Tuesday afternoon I posted on my social media accounts that I was hospital bound after having my gallbladder removed after having what I now know was a gallbladder attack on Sunday night.  So here's how it all went down.

A few months ago I had posted that I was awoken in the middle of he night with vice like pain around my mid section and a friend from years past was kind enough to reach out and share what happened to her and how those same pains ended up in an emergency gallbladder removal (after having a few attacks).  She suggested I get it looked into with some bloodwork and I kind of just put it on the back burner, until this past Sunday night that is.  Once again it's the middle of the night and I'm awoken by that vice like grip around my waist and nothing makes it better.  I tried changing positions, walking around and then just trying to breathe through it until it passed.  After a few hours the pain had subsided enough to allow me to fall back to sleep, but wit…

The Realness...

After my recent Weight Watchers meeting room topic on "Let it go" and the fact that Tuesday June 27, 2017 was PTSD Awareness Day, I have decided to finally publish this post.  It's a tough read, but one that for my own healing needed to write.

Some of you know me personally and know a good deal about me.  This post has a little bit for everyone, for my friends - I hope this shines a light on what flies around in my head most days and for people stumbling upon this post - I hope it helps you either personally or with someone you know.  That it helps you understand why we act the way we do sometimes, because it can become exhausting pretending that we are ok.  The post is long, but something I needed to write for my own healing. 

Lately I've been struggling and not just with my weight.  I 've been pulling away from social situations and staying close to what's familiar and comfortable.  I've been keeping my support people as close as possible.  Anxiety is …

Let It Go!

How to address and release emotions without eating.
This week in the meeting room we discussed letting it go and what happens when you don't.

Do your feelings sometimes lead to food?  Have you ever been so sad (or happy or stresses or angry) that your immediate reaction is to reach for something to eat - whether or not you're physically hungry?  That's emotional eating.  But once you can identify what emotion or emotions trigger that response for you, you'll be better able to let it go!  According to Weight Watchers Weekly emotional eating can come between you and your weight loss goals.  In fact between 24 and 60 percent of people who struggle with their weight say that they frequently turn to food when emotions run high.  AND it can become a habit, if you turn to food every time you feel a specific emotion, the two become paired.  But while eating may provide temporary relief, you miss the opportunity to learn the emotion without eating an that the urge will pass.  T…

Move Mindfully

Tap into the power of awe to enhance your happiness.
Moving mindfully, do you ever think about the word "awesome"? Often we use the word to mean great, amazing, cool but in fact awe is a reaction to vastness and to scenarios that challenge how we think about the world.  Coming physical activity with the awe inspiring scenes anything from the deep blue of the summer sky to skyscrapers can help heighten a sense of wonder at the world.  This can also make physical activity more enjoyable!

According to the Weight Watchers Weekly studies show that having a sense of awe in life can enhance your happiness and physical well being! It can also increase your generosity .  Its so easy to get caught up in our own life and not focus on others or the world around us, but experiencing awe can put our ;lives into healthy perspective.  Having awe reminds us that no matter how consumed we are in our own lives- what we have, what we don't, how we compare to everyone else - ultimately were …

What's your SUPERPOWER?

Get to know your strengths-they can help you lose!
When we discussed this in the meeting room, it was the week I was in a major funk.  It was the day I almost quit.  I didn't pick much up that day in the meeting room because I was too deep inside my own head to hear it.  But now that I've gone back to my weekly in a much better frame of mind, I've put some thought into it.

According to Weight Watchers Weekly, it's the traits - kindness, resilience, generosity, loyalty that make you who you are.  I know, I know you didn't need a WW Weekly to tell you that, but if you're like me, you needed the reminder.  Sometimes all we see are out perceived weaknesses or limitations or we let the words that describe our physical selves define us.  But we are all more than curly hair or straight teeth. 

How this helps is by recognizing our personal strengths and tapping into them it may increase happiness and reduce depression.  In one study, people who identified their uniqu…

Have a Great VACATION!

How to balance fun, food and your plan.
During this meeting we talked about what going on vacation actually means to you and what "problems" it poses for you.  It's all about planning, we all know that.  Planning your vacation is the easy part, how you're going stay on track during that vacation is quite the opposite!  Some of the things that were mentioned in the meeting room was more free time to focus on the plan, some spoke about going off the rails on vacation and others mentioned that maybe the act of going off track isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The Weight Watchers Weekly for this topic talks about what vacation means to you.  Vacation is a time to escape responsibilities (if you don't have kids haha) and have fun!  But it's also a time to stay in touch with your healthy habits and maybe even take advantage of the free time and fresh setting to get in more activity or try new foods.  In the past vacations might have involved overdoing high SmartPo…