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Energizing Your Stride

Here are some tips on getting ready for those road races we all love to do!

Top Off Your Tank:The day before the big race, take in some extra calories.How to figure the right amount? Multiply your weight by .73 to get the exact number of calories for each mile you are going to run.Example 140(lbs) x .73 = 102.2 calories per mile you’ll run.So with a 10K run, you’d eat an additional 634 calories!
Carb Load:At least half of those bonus calories (317) should come from carbs, bump that figure up 80% if you plan to run at a “push it” pace.Suggested meal: Half glass of OJ with a medium bagel with some low fat cream cheese and that’s 300 calories worth of carbs.
Power Through 26.2: For down to the crumb tracking when you’re about to run a marathon use this calculation: weight, age, resting heart rate, and goal finish time into the calculator, by doing this you’ll get the exact number of prerace calories and carbs for a specific speed.

5K Slim Down Plan

So I’m sure that for some of you training for a 5K may seem daunting or just plain ridiculous, but it is a perfect motivator for beginners since your main goal is to simply cross the finish line!First thing you do is find a race online and sign up for it.Now you’re committed to a race and you are more likely to participate knowing that you have already signed up for it.The fall is a great time to do your first 5K and with this simple plan developed by Joy Di Palma, celebrity trainer for Family Circle Magazines’ October 2010 issue.Make sure to complete the daily recommended distances and you will breeze right through your first 5K!!

Click here for a printable Step by Step plan.

Better Off Red?

Turkey and Chicken seem to be everyones standby when it comes to trying to make the healthy summer grilling choices.BUT….sometimes red meat is the winner!

Turkey Burger vs Ground Beef…fat wars Sometimes a low fat burger can be a better option than a turkey burger….go figure!A 4oz burger with ground turkey can have up to 17g of fat!That is 13g more than a 94% lean ground beef burger.Wondering why there is so much fat?Sometimes ground turkey burgers can contain dark meat and skin, so you need to read the labels carefully.If you get a burger with ground turkey breast or lean ground you’re getting 1g fat per 4oz serving.When it comes to turkey burgers the lighter the color the better.

Turkey vs Beef Hotdogs…Sodium smart? Easy right?Turkey hot dog will always be better for you….wrong.Some turkey hot dogs pack in a whopping 550mg of sodium!Dietary guidelines for healthy adults suggest 2,300 mg of sodium per day so that is nearly a quarter of your daily value.Your lower sodium choice is to p…

Jump Rope!

Want a fast way to burn calories that’s fun and will make you feel like a kid again?Try jumping rope.When it comes to burning calories fast jumping rope is right behind running.Here are some benefits to jumping rope:

Jumping tones everything…legs, back, abs, arms, chest and shoulders.The strength and cardio combination that increases agility, coordination, timing and endurance, not to mention jumping rope is considered low impact.If you do experience knee pain that simply means you’re jumping too high, aim for about an inch above the ground and that should solve knee pain issues.
It’s Cheap.If you don’t already have a jump rope lying around you can pick one up for less than $10.To find the right size rope, place one foot in the center of the rope and lift the handles, they shouldn’t extend past your armpits.
You can take it ANYWHERE!Slip your jump rope into your suitcase and you’ve got a calorie blasting workout on the go.All that you need is an area measuring 3ft x 4ft.Most living rooms…

Something New...

So for the first time I was given the opportunity to review some music, thanks to the ONE2ONE NetworkMat Kearney has a new album Young Love that was released on August 2nd and I am in LOVE! 

Mat writes his songs from the heart with his life experiences, and they have a beat that's easy to get in to.  Not to mention the songs are the type that you find yourself singing long after you're done listening.  Perfect music to take on your run or walk, it'll make your workout fly by!  You get caught up in his voice and the stories he tells thru his music.

Plain and simple, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to check out Mat Kearney's album Young Love and hope that you do too.

Don't forget to stop by Mat's Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

Feel Full Longer

If you’re already thinking about what’s for lunch just after finishing your breakfast it’s time for a breakfast makeover.What you need…more protein.Here are some breakfast suggestions:

Go Canadian…bacon that is. With 6g of protein per slice, you’re packing in more protein and less fat than regular bacon.Not to mention it takes a little longer to eat since you usually need a knife and fork to tackle this treat.
Butter…But better.Choose a high protein spread such as soy nut butter which has up to 10g of protein per serving.This healthy choice has more protein and less sugar than traditional peanut butter.
Yolking it Up.Since the yolk of an egg contains nearly half of the 6g of protein, don’t skip the yellow all together.Instead keep your cholesterol in check by scrambling a whole egg with 2 whites.More egg, more protein, less cholesterol and you’re feeling full longer!
A few other tips from the July/August 2011 Weight Watchers Magazine are:
If you start with…Then Add this….You'll Get thi…

Stand Up Abs

Sick of having to get down on the floor to work out your midsection?This workout from the July/August 2011 Weight Watchers Magazine gives you a stand up option!

Do the following circuit 3 times, flowing from one move right to the next.Total workout time: 10 minutes, who can’t spare 10 minutes? Click here for a printable version
Praying Mountain Pose: Stand tall with feet together, all weight on your heels.Lift toes, bringing palms together (in like a praying position)Lower toes, press chest forward to meet hands, and press your elbows forward to open your shoulder blades.Press heels into floor, feeling your spine lengthen, engaging your abs.Hold for 1 minute
Single Leg Stand From final position of Praying Mountain Pose, lower your hands to sides and bend your knees slightlySlowly lift right leg about 5 inches off the floor, balancing on left legKeep abs engaged and spine lengthened, hold for 40 secondsLower right leg, now repeat with left side
Standing Hip Openers From final position of…

Diet Dangers

When you cut certain foods out of your diet, you could be cutting important nutrients too.If you are following a specific food plan be sure to add in the nutrients your missing in other ways.

Vegetarian or Vegan If you are skipping all foods derived from animals you may be low on B12.If you’re not eating fish, you could have an omega-3 fatty acids deficiency, which can increase your risk for heart disease.The quick fix for Vitamin B12 is choosing foods that are fortified with B12, since usually this can be found in foods like eggs, fish, milk and meat.Try to aim for at least 2.4 micrograms of B12 daily.Look for foods rich in omega-3s such as walnuts, flaxseeds and canola oil as well.

Gluten-Free Many products that are gluten free have added fat and go through additional processing.This strips them of healthy fiber and whole grain.Easy fix for this is load up on the naturally gluten free foods such as quinoa, kasha and brown rice are solid choices.

Lactose-Free A lack of calcium and vitamin …

Allover Toning Workout for Walkers

These are some post walk sculpting moves that are Pilate's based.Three times a week try to throw these moves in at the end of your walk.
Click here for a printable version of this workout.

Plie Squat and Releve Combo(Targets your butt, inner thighs and hamstrings) Stand with feet together, toes turned out slightly, arms by sidesStep left foot out to side so that feet are now wider than shoulder width apart and your toes are turned out.Lower your body into a plie squat, bringing your arms out to your side about chin level. Return to start.Step right leg in next to left then rise tall onto toes, squeezing legs together from heel to hip working your inner thighs.Bring hands to touch in front of rib cage.Lower heels back to start and repeat in the opposite direction, stepping out with right foot, complete one rep.Do 2 sets of 10 reps
Standing Saw(Targets back, abs, obliques, inner thighs and hamstrings) Stand tall with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms extended out to sid…