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Self Care, Putting yourself first....

The struggle for me is real on this one.  It feels like there's never enough time for the things I want to do.  Now before I continue, let me just say that I know that being a mom is a full time, all the time job.  My family means the world to me.  BUT sometimes this mom and wife needs a break.  I have been a stay at home mom now for two years and I've spent most of these two years trying to figure out "what am I going to do?"  I've realized that what I need to do is find something for me!  I had been taking metaphysical classes (that's what we'll call them...) from October 2014 thru June 2016, these were weekly classes and they were something very special to me.  I created great connections with these people and they continue today.  However now these classes have gone to a once a month meeting, which just isn't the same.  I need to find something to replace this.  Maybe it's teaching the classes myself, maybe it's honing some of the skills …

What's New?

A lot! 

School is in session and has been going great.  Both boys are attending the same school and James has adjusted really well to the new environment.  I drive the kids to school every morning so it's created a schedule for me to follow and gets me out and running my errands at a decent hour.  I've been catching up on things that I haven't been able to do while the kids are here.  Cleaning rooms and sorting. 

I'm still working on my weight loss journey, it's slow, real slow.  But I've changed my thyroid meds (September 15th) and I've noticed that I'm losing some weight! Which was NOT happening with the levothyroxine.  It's been just over a month and I've lost just about 5 pounds.  I haven't been tracking like I wanted, but as anyone who has done any kind of tracking knows, it's an adjustment. 

So, now that I've caught up on a lot of my household chores and business loose ends, I plan on posting here more often.  Check out my &…

New Beginnings

I know it's been a while. I've been finding my way in life. Still am. Tomorrow we start a new chapter. James, 3, is heading off to school. I was really excited until it hit me today that I might actually miss him being around all day. This afternoon we'll go meet his teacher. We're familiar with the school since Nate (8) goes there already.  The big question is what do I do? I'll be transporting the kids to & from school daily leaving me a few hours daily that will be all me. My husbands business can always use support. Growing the business is always a priority. But I'm looking for something that's all mine too.  Maybe I'll take a week or two and just do things for me. Reflect upon what makes me feel purposeful since I'm still a little lost on that front. I'm hoping to give more time to my blog and over sharing about my life. Haha.  Here's to the next chapter and hanging in there with me.  #momstuff

Week One Complete

Well. Week one is complete of my cleanse. I'm feeling great. I'm not bloated. I'm not tired. No headaches. I feel amazing. I didn't follow the directions completely. I couldn't. I kept coffee each morning. I can't human without coffee. I've head eggs, meat and I've had a few cheats. I had fudge with my kids while we were day tripping, I've had cheese because it's wonderful (although our feelings aren't mutual I'm afraid).  I've found a new love - Strawberry and Avocado Smoothies with whey protein. It takes me a while to drink and keeps me full for hours.   I'm wearing jeans this week that were too tight about a month ago. So. I'm excited to see where the rest of this cleanse and month go!

Cleanse Day One

Well. I've decided to give the Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse another shot. My main goal in doing this again is not for weight loss (although I wouldn't be mad if I lost some weight) but to regain healthy eating habits. Even though I've been tracking with weight watchers over the last year or so the scale really hasn't moved. Basically it's because I've been cheating myself. Either not working out or fooling myself on serving sizes. I snack with my kids and don't track it or I eat 5 of something but only track one. Sweets. Oh yummy sweets. These are my downfall. This is where I go when I'm stressed. I'll bake a cake. Eat half. With the promise to myself that I'll do better the next day. 
So. Day one was yesterday April 7th. I had 3 shakes with varied ingredients. For food I had 1 egg with 3 egg whites and about 3oz of corned beef. It smelled too good to pass up. I also kept my cup of coffee in the morning with fat free half & half. When I ca…

Get your head in the game Jenn!

I am living this today. I am my own worst critic. I am my own worst enemy. I see things is such a dark light that no one else sees me in (or at least I hope not). I don't hide the fact that I've battled depression and anxiety for years now. I stopped (under my doctors care) my medication about a year ago and overall things have gone ok. I have flare ups. But recently the flare ups have gotten closer together. Losing my shit over the stupidest things. Wanting to throw in the towel on my current weight loss efforts and go in search of "someone who will fix me". Today I started calling around to nutritionists in the hopes I would find one that would magically fix me. But then the reality of the cost hit me first (it's not in the budget right now) and then just now my husbands words resonated in my head. It all falls back on me. Every diet plan. Then I took that a step further into looking at all I do. 
I hate telling people I'm a stay at home parent. I feel embar…

My New Workout Commitment

On December 17, I began my Body Revolution journey. It took me 5 weeks to complete Phase 1 because I decided to repeat a week that I slacked off on. I'd say I'm pleased so far. I've lost 14 inches overall and I'm down .4 pounds. I'm thrilled over the inches, but wish the pounds were more. I know my eating was completely off. I fooled myself into thinking I was eating right, not tracking my foods. When I began Phase 2 on Thursday I committed myself into tracking every bite, lick and taste no matter what they add up to. In the past of be good for eating a snickers, not counting it for some random reasoning like I was on the road with the kids or because I was stressed. Travel and stress points count too. I'll never be satisfied on the scale if I'm not true to myself.  I'm excited to start Phase 2 (even though my body is screaming no you're not after the first workout yesterday).  Here's my measurement chart so far, I've decided to do my measurem…