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The Realness...

After my recent Weight Watchers meeting room topic on "Let it go" and the fact that Tuesday June 27, 2017 was PTSD Awareness Day, I have decided to finally publish this post.  It's a tough read, but one that for my own healing needed to write.

Some of you know me personally and know a good deal about me.  This post has a little bit for everyone, for my friends - I hope this shines a light on what flies around in my head most days and for people stumbling upon this post - I hope it helps you either personally or with someone you know.  That it helps you understand why we act the way we do sometimes, because it can become exhausting pretending that we are ok.  The post is long, but something I needed to write for my own healing. 

Lately I've been struggling and not just with my weight.  I 've been pulling away from social situations and staying close to what's familiar and comfortable.  I've been keeping my support people as close as possible.  Anxiety is …

Let It Go!

How to address and release emotions without eating.
This week in the meeting room we discussed letting it go and what happens when you don't.

Do your feelings sometimes lead to food?  Have you ever been so sad (or happy or stresses or angry) that your immediate reaction is to reach for something to eat - whether or not you're physically hungry?  That's emotional eating.  But once you can identify what emotion or emotions trigger that response for you, you'll be better able to let it go!  According to Weight Watchers Weekly emotional eating can come between you and your weight loss goals.  In fact between 24 and 60 percent of people who struggle with their weight say that they frequently turn to food when emotions run high.  AND it can become a habit, if you turn to food every time you feel a specific emotion, the two become paired.  But while eating may provide temporary relief, you miss the opportunity to learn the emotion without eating an that the urge will pass.  T…

Move Mindfully

Tap into the power of awe to enhance your happiness.
Moving mindfully, do you ever think about the word "awesome"? Often we use the word to mean great, amazing, cool but in fact awe is a reaction to vastness and to scenarios that challenge how we think about the world.  Coming physical activity with the awe inspiring scenes anything from the deep blue of the summer sky to skyscrapers can help heighten a sense of wonder at the world.  This can also make physical activity more enjoyable!

According to the Weight Watchers Weekly studies show that having a sense of awe in life can enhance your happiness and physical well being! It can also increase your generosity .  Its so easy to get caught up in our own life and not focus on others or the world around us, but experiencing awe can put our ;lives into healthy perspective.  Having awe reminds us that no matter how consumed we are in our own lives- what we have, what we don't, how we compare to everyone else - ultimately were …

What's your SUPERPOWER?

Get to know your strengths-they can help you lose!
When we discussed this in the meeting room, it was the week I was in a major funk.  It was the day I almost quit.  I didn't pick much up that day in the meeting room because I was too deep inside my own head to hear it.  But now that I've gone back to my weekly in a much better frame of mind, I've put some thought into it.

According to Weight Watchers Weekly, it's the traits - kindness, resilience, generosity, loyalty that make you who you are.  I know, I know you didn't need a WW Weekly to tell you that, but if you're like me, you needed the reminder.  Sometimes all we see are out perceived weaknesses or limitations or we let the words that describe our physical selves define us.  But we are all more than curly hair or straight teeth. 

How this helps is by recognizing our personal strengths and tapping into them it may increase happiness and reduce depression.  In one study, people who identified their uniqu…

Have a Great VACATION!

How to balance fun, food and your plan.
During this meeting we talked about what going on vacation actually means to you and what "problems" it poses for you.  It's all about planning, we all know that.  Planning your vacation is the easy part, how you're going stay on track during that vacation is quite the opposite!  Some of the things that were mentioned in the meeting room was more free time to focus on the plan, some spoke about going off the rails on vacation and others mentioned that maybe the act of going off track isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The Weight Watchers Weekly for this topic talks about what vacation means to you.  Vacation is a time to escape responsibilities (if you don't have kids haha) and have fun!  But it's also a time to stay in touch with your healthy habits and maybe even take advantage of the free time and fresh setting to get in more activity or try new foods.  In the past vacations might have involved overdoing high SmartPo…

Value Yourself

No matter what the scale says!
Well then! What's funny to me is the timing of this post.  This was the meeting room topic at Weight Watchers for May 28-June 3, HOWEVER, I need this today!  I am taking this mornings weigh in to heart and I'm taking it hard.  I know that if I go back and have a good look at what went down last week with food I would be able to recognize it right away.  I've been hiding under the belief that you can run from the scale (working out, then validating your food) and I also know deep down that you cant do that.
Last week I posted on my Facebook page a video of two friends reading their lists of horrible things they have said to themselves about their body and body image.  These friend then had to read each the lists out loud and direct them to each other.  It was hard to watch because I know how guilty I am of this.   We all know we are our own worst enemies when it comes to the way we perceive ourselves.  Some days are better than others when I'…