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3 Pilates Moves for Super Hot Abs

Want an extra challenge. . .and an even sleeker stomach? Add these calorie-torching "afterburner" ab moves to your workout. And then check out Brooke Siler's incredible book, The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates, for even more toning and whittlingPilates workouts. MOVE 1Kneeling Butterfly Beth Bischoff Kneel on the mat facing away from the anchor, knees hip-width apart. Raise your arms out to shoulder height and lean forward slightly, keeping your body in a straight line from head to knees (a). Inhale and twist your torso to the left, pulling the right handle overhead and the left just behind your hip, maintaining equal tension in the bands as you twist(b). Exhale and slowly return to start. Repeat, twisting to the other side. That's one rep. Do four.Quick Tip: Brace your core and squeeze your glutes before you start. MOVE 2Side-Bend Arm Circles Beth Bischoff

Will Snacking Between Meals Make You Gain Weight?

Viktor Neimanis/Hemera/ Yesterday, we reported on a study that found eating mini meals throughout the day may not be the best weight-loss strategy. And today we've got evenmore evidence to support the finding that snacking may not help you keep off pounds. A new study from Drexel University, published in the journalAppetite, found that people who skip snacks before a meal eat roughly the same amount at the meal as those who eat something beforehand.For the study, researchers divided participants into two groups: The first group had a protein shake, and the second group didn't eat anything. Then, researchers told both groups to eat a regular meal roughly four hours later. Guess what? Those who'd fasted didn't eat any more than those who'd had the shake.Now, to be clear, the study was self-reported, which isn't the most reliable survey method in the science world. That said, researchers believe the results still may check out—because hunger levels, t…

5 Moves that Make You Stronger, FAST

Isometric exercises, in which you hold a position perfectly still for a few seconds, trigger a ton of activity in your muscles—a real boon to boosting strength and endurance. (Just think how quickly you feel it in your biceps when carrying a bunch of grocery bags.)Do these exercises up to three times through as a circuit, medium dumbbells optional. Hold each one for at least 10 seconds, then rest for a moment before moving on to the next exercise.You can also use them in supersets to compliment their moving-exercise counterparts (i.e., do a set of 10 squats and then move #1, a wall seat; do a set of 10 close-arm pushups and then move #2, low plank, etc.). Or, just sneak one in here and there for a little tone-up throughout the day. (Skip ‘em entirely, though, if you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure—isometric action can elevate BP levels.)—Amy Roberts, NASM-CPT MOVE 1Wall Seat JENNIFER WEAVER Get your thigh muscles firing (and burning). Place your feet about 18 inches from a wall, …

How to Get a Flatter Tummy Almost Instantly

ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK.COM Sure, eating three helpings of pie won’t do your waistline any favors—but neither will eating three helpings of broccoli. Here’s why: Certain foods are known bloat offenders, which means they’ll increase puffiness and make you appear heavier than you are, says Stephanie Middleberg, R.D., of Stephanie Middleberg Nutrition in New York City. These are the four food items to watch out for the most:Cruciferous Vegetables
Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale—this season’s trendiest greens are also the biggest stomach puffers, thanks to their high fiber content. Enjoy a small serving since they’re so healthy and filling—but stop after that, particularly if you’re trying to fit into a tiny holiday party dress later.Salty Processed Products
A handful of chips, a serving of canned soup, cold cuts…if you got it from a bag or a box, it’s probably loaded with salt, which causes you to retain water and resemble a blowfish. Steer clear of these offenders as much as possib…

7 Common Beginner Yoga Fails (And How to Avoid Them)

FUSE/THINKSTOCK.COM I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but even I know that yoga can be especially daunting for the uninitiated. Being new in a yoga class is like entering a new dimension—to boldly go where no non-yogi has ever gone before. But here’s where you’re in luck: I’ve come up with a guide of how to handle yoga class like a certified yogi. Or, rather, how NOT to—the mistakes that lots of newbies make that you should decidedly avoid. Consider this mishmash a list of pet peeves and also general life pointers. And for those of you who do yoga regularly—definitely let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comments!Mistake: Keeping Your Shoes On
I’m a self-professed shoe addict, so I totally get that the perfect pair of sneaks can pull a whole gym look together… but that stops at the door of your yoga class. There’s a strict ‘no shoes’ rule in all yoga classes. You’ll have your hands, feet and entire body on and off the mat at some point throughout the class, and you don’t want t…

The App Driven Life : Helping You Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are so ridiculously ineffective, it’s a wonder why we even keep up this futile tradition year after year. According to, in America, virtually the same resolutions are popular every year. And according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, just 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their resolutions by year’s end. However, technology has made it a cinch to perform feats that would have been impossible years before. Why shouldn’t it aid us in keeping our resolutions, too?For any given resolution, there are a slew of desktop and mobile apps that can support you in reaching your goals. Here are a few to get you started. I Resolve To … Exercise More If you’ve been keeping up with ReadWrite Editor-in-Chief Owen Thomas’s ReadWriteBody series, you already know of some great apps for monitoring physical fitness. If you need more to motivate you, then heed his advice: Look for apps with additional incentives to keep you on track.Pact (iOS/An…