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Week Nine... STOP! Reset!

Well. What can I say about week nine? I got in my own way and gave into all my vices. Yesterday was the worst. I got my mind together and reminded myself that I'm only hurting myself by eating that way. So the promise I've made to myself is that this week, I will do the very best I can and work on self control. There are always going to be temptations and it's learning to not avoid them, but to just have one donut or one slice of pizza. When you lose control, that's where you spiral. The donut screw up in the morning doesn't have to lead you to 3 slices of pizza and more donuts later. 
This week will be amazing.

Week Eight

Closing out week eight, I wish I had done a better job, but when I look at the snapshot of my week on food I can see why I didn't do better. I really need to do better on fruits and vegetables.  It's no secret that I don't like vegetables. So I need to find ways to sneak them into my daily diet (I know, like you would a child). I have to believe that if I made better food choices thru the week matched with the activity points I earned I would have easily lost more weight. It's time to get out of my own way and get serious. 
I'll need all the support that your willing to give!
Here's to a successful week.

Week Seven, No Change

Week seven, no change. I guess it's better than falling into that lose/gain cycle I was in the last couple of weeks. I'm on vacation next week, so my intention is to get out and get moving all week!  James will be logging some miles with me. I picked up a used jogging stroller so I can do some hiking with James too. My biggest challenge for next week is going to the Big E, which in New England is a big to do. Most people including myself, eat their way thru the fair. The state buildings are my absolute favorite. Maine baked potatoes, Fresh Lobster Rolls, clam fritters, maple sugar candy and kettle korn. All of my favorites. I guess I could use my bonus points for the week and do a little extra walking to make up for the food. 
What's your biggest challenge for the next week?

Week Six

Week six, has come to a close.  I lost 1.8lbs this week. I'll happily take any loss that comes my way. I battled with emotions eating this week. Lots of personal things going on in my life with my family (small things-nothing serious), but enough for me to want to eat myself to no stress. I took walks and practiced meditation. Then, when all else failed I simply went to bed!  I am most definitely an emotional eater. I hate that about myself, but feel accomplished when I can conquer my demons and move past it. For this time at least. 
I'm hoping for the best for week seven. Hoping for another loss is what I really mean!!