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The Gym Equipment Personal Trainers Swear By—And How to Use It On Your Own

Shutterstock What’s the cost of one workout? If you hire a personal trainer, it’s not just sore muscles: The average trainer charges $26 an hour, according to an American Council on Exercise survey—which means just three workouts a week could set you back more than $4,000 a year!  Not in your budget? No worries: You can borrow some trainer-approved techniques. The IDEA Health & Fitness Association recently surveyed 2,818 personal trainers and revealed the five types of exercise equipment the pros are most likely to use with their clients. Lucky for you, we have workouts to help you put these handy tools to use!92% use resistance tubing or bands
Try this:The 15-Minute Exercise Bands Workout91% use stability balls
Try this:The Stability Ball Workout for Flat Abs89% use barbells or dumbbells
Try this:The Power Pairs Dumbbell Workout84% use foam rollers and small balls
Try this:Roll Your Way to a Fit Body83% use balance equipment, like wobble or balance boards
Try this: The 15-Minute Balanc…


I figured its a new season and I'm about to start down a new weight loss path, so why not change up how Lily Boxing looks! So I spent some time today freshening up the blog page style and the pages are still undergoing some updates, but it's well on its way.
Tomorrow I'm going to meet with a nutritionist so she can get me started on a more nutritious meal plan than I'm on now. I've been following Weight Watchers since about three weeks postpartum with James. I've been steadily losing weight, but want to make a full lifestyle change at the same time as I lose weight. So my hopes are that she can teach me to make more nutritional choices than I am making now.
I'll keep you posted on how it goes tomorrow and check out the updated page-tell me what you think. I plan on posting the new workouts and receipes I find during this new road to complete wellness I'm taking.  ~Wish me luck~