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Sunday Vibes

So as I take a look back at my week, overall I had a good one. I ate when I was hungry and made mindful choices. I tracked each and everyday using both the Weight Watchers app and My Fitness Pal. What's kind of crazy is how on days that were out of sight for points on Weight Watchers weren't bad calorie/nutrient wise on My Fitness Pal. I haven't been drinking enough water. That I do know. I have a personal goal of 120oz per day and I've been averaging about half of that so I'd like to step it up on that end. Not eating sweets has been an intermittent problem for me over this past week. However I was able to satisfy the cravings with some mini marshmallows. 
One thing I've noticed this week is I'm feeling a little down, emotionally. I've been recovering remarkably well from my gallbladder surgery and I am thankful for that. Right now I'm only taking Tylenol and Motrin as needed, which is rarely. I am able to move around fairly well wit…

Assert Yourself

Asking for help from others helps you get what you need - and it can be easier than you think!
In the beginning of July this was the meeting room topic.  How to assert yourself.  "Assertion is expressing yourself in an honest, straightforward way that helps you get what you need.  It shows you respect yourself and others"  Sounds like an easy thing to do, but many of us struggle with it.  Will we come off as aggressive, too assertive, will it make people shy away from us?  These are all of the thoughts that plague us during our journey.  It can be considered another form of putting others needs before our own.  If you are worrying how others may take your assertiveness, you may not be getting what YOU need!  Asseriveness is a skill, so it can be learned.  Once you've mastered being assertive in an effective way, you'll stop worrying about coming on too strong or just not making the request at all.

"being able to respectfully but firmly express feelings and ask fo…

Sunday Vibes

So on my way home from my meeting this morning I decided to dust off a blog post that i used to do at the beginning of each week that reflects upon what I feel i did right and I what I feel I could do better in the coming week.  For some reason I stopped doing that, but I starting again today.  I think it's a good tool for me to look back upon and if it helps someone else along the way?  Even better!

Something else that has been on my mind a lot lately is my own feeling of "non-success" with attending weight watchers meetings.  Now I know there are going to be plenty of people that say "stick with it" but I should say that I'm not giving up on the program, but I am going to tailor it to me.   So over the past six months I've religiously attended my Sunday morning Weight Watchers meetings.  I love how the meeting feels.  I love the new people I've met.  However during these past six months what I haven't done is lost  much.  I have lost inches …

My gallbladder attacked!!

So Tuesday afternoon I posted on my social media accounts that I was hospital bound after having my gallbladder removed after having what I now know was a gallbladder attack on Sunday night.  So here's how it all went down.

A few months ago I had posted that I was awoken in the middle of he night with vice like pain around my mid section and a friend from years past was kind enough to reach out and share what happened to her and how those same pains ended up in an emergency gallbladder removal (after having a few attacks).  She suggested I get it looked into with some bloodwork and I kind of just put it on the back burner, until this past Sunday night that is.  Once again it's the middle of the night and I'm awoken by that vice like grip around my waist and nothing makes it better.  I tried changing positions, walking around and then just trying to breathe through it until it passed.  After a few hours the pain had subsided enough to allow me to fall back to sleep, but wit…