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Week Five

Well. Here I am in that nasty cycle of lose 3 gain 2 the next. Grrrr. It's so frustrating. But, I know I didn't drink enough water this week. I'm hoping that was some of my problem. I are more points this week and moved less. SO, I'll just keep working as hard as I can and not let this get me down. I'm going to try not to pity eat today. I'm very guilty of being a self saboteur. 
Here's to a fresh start. Follow my daily food journal on Facebook or Instagram (#lilyboxing).

Week Four

Week four is over and I feel like I've got better control of what I'm eating and holding myself accountable by tracking every bite, lick and taste. When you are completely honest with yourself and track everything, it really makes you think twice about what you eat. 
I'm excited for this weeks loss of 3lbs, making it a total of 5.6 for the month! That's a little more than a pound a week. That's a good start and this next month I think will get even better. Not swapping my activity points is a good plan for now. This keeps me from abusing that hard work I've put in. The bonus points should be enough for food splurges. 
Here's to another great week!🍸

Week Three...Back on track

Here I am, beginning week four and I've gotten a little more honest with myself. I realized I was grazing every night and not tracking it. So this week I tracked...EVEYTHING. Thats how I came up with that pitiful number of "extra" points. That accounted for the whole bag of pop corners I decided to eat one night or the extra chocolate bananas. If I don't get real, I'm not going to lose the weight. 
I'm already fighting what feels like a losing battle with Hosimotos Disease (which results in hypothyroidism).  They found my thyroid was under active when I was pregnant with James in 2013. They've been trying to get the dosage right ever since. The doctors hoped it was pregnancy induced, but my luck was that it was clinical levels and it wasn't going away. Within the last few weeks they diagnosed me with Hosimotos. Essentially, Hosimotos is an autoimmune disease that your immune system attacks your thyroid. Awesome right? 
So where this week will take me is…

Week Two....Lesson Learned

Week two is complete. Gained this week. Two pounds to be exact. I learned a few lessons. First is diet cheat day...not for people starting out. Having diet cheat day two days in a row. Giant mistake. I don't have much self control when it comes to not splurging. I'm working on that. Second is this week I'm not swapping activity points. I logged in and shut that off. Otherwise I'm adding more movement in for nothing. I'm eating what I'm burning and that defeats the point. Third is I need to plan a little better. I seem to leave myself stranded for dinner time points. Then I break into the bonus points, then the activity points. 
Now for the positives. I earned 38 Activity Points for the week. I'm pretty impressed by that. I did an Actove a Link assessment to see where my current "activity level" is and when you're in the assessment, you kind of just do business as usual. Which I did. The end of my assessment was Tuesday, so on Wednesday I steppe…

6 Things You Can Do At Night to De-Bloat And Promote Weight Loss

Of course nights are great for going on dates, binge-watching Netflix, doing work, chatting on the phone—you name it. But you know what else they're great for? Setting yourself up for bigger and better weight-loss results. Just follow these tips to get yourself that much closer to your goal weight.Have a Low-Sodium Dinner
"If you want to wake up feeling less bloated, definitely skip the Chinese dinner," says Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet. What happens is the salt stays in your system overnight, so you wake up puffier than you normally would. The best option is to cook a healthy meal of steamed veggies and a lean protein—neither of which should be loaded with salt.Do a Nighttime Workout
You know that sweating can help you drop pounds, but you may think that exercising too close to bedtime can keep you up at night. Luckily, that's not true; a 2013 survey from the National Sleep Foundation found that active people are 56 to 67 percent more likely to say…

What Inspires You?

There are a few things that inspire me ~
1. My children are first on the list.  I base the decisions I make, actions I take and words that I speak based on the fact that I want my children to be proud that I am their mother. Even when it comes to diet and exercise I want to lead by example.  I try not to hang my hat on the "do what I say not what I do" theory of parenting (always harder to do than say!). I want my children to see me eating right and being active.  
2. Other peoples success. No matter the size of the success, seeing someone else do something they didn't think they could or try something they never thought they would-it makes me feel good. Seeing my friends post their workouts on Facebook motivates me to go take a walk or even take the stairs in place of the elevator. It pushes me to do things out of my comfort level and to put a little extra effort in when I think I'm all out. 
3. Sharing. That's why I began sharing my daily food diary and now my wee…