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Let Down

Yup. This morning was a let down. I really expected to see some sort of a loss. Any kind of loss. But I do recognize where I could make changes for this week.  1. Carbs. After doing my cleanse I learned that I am carb intolerant. Yet I continue to keep breads in my diet. My bloating was far less when I didn't eat any breads,pastas and crackers.  2. Dairy. I also learned dairy is a trigger for me. I've eaten quite a bit of those spreadable cheeses this past week.  3. Exercise. I've done some walking, even some jogging. But 2 good days doesn't cover a whole week. I set a 10k step goal for myself and only met it 3 out of 7 days.  This week I'll make some changes and see where it takes me.  1. Omitting the foods I mentioned above.  2. Making sure I hit those step goals each day.  3. Fighting the negative talk in my head is always a huge challenge.  4. Remembering to put myself first. I am more than a stay at home mom.  I set some self empowerment exercises in motion on the dark…

True Life...True Story

I posted this on my Instagram this morning and it's been stuck in my head ever since. It's so true. You absolutely have to love yourself before you can do anything else.  I am literally sitting under a tree on the side of a path writing this because I was so inspired while I was walking. Just prior to my walk I called my husband, in the middle of his job and just let it all out. Complete with sobbing. All of the things that were binding me up inside. I've felt like absolute shit for the past few weeks and today it hit me. I've set myself up with so much pressure on every task (large or small) in my life that I actually have set myself up for failure on all that I touch.  Years ago I named my blog Jenny's Life Story mainly because it sounded like a cute name. Well. I just realized...I want to be Jenny. That's right, sounds crazy right? Nope, I want to be Jenny. Jenny in my mind is the girl I was many many years ago without high expectations of myself and of others…

Healthy Eats II

Here's the prior weeks Healthy Eats recipes I tried with reviews on how we liked them.  Let me know what you think and if you like what you see follow me on Facebook!

See you next week with some more new recipes!  Stay healthy.  Stay Accountable.  Be your best!

Low-Carb Carbonara

Review:  This one was a tasty alternative to pasta and lets face it anytime you can add bacon to something it amps up the tasty factor!

 Steak and Veggie Fajitas

Review:  My family enjoyed them tremendously.  Unfortunately I had to modify and cook mine separately because I am allergic to peppers!  But I made the best of it and was happy to be able to make these for my family.  They requested this one stay in the rotation.

Green Beans with Bacon Vinaigrette

Review:  I'm not sure why…

Heathly Eats

I'd like to begin a weekly series called Healthy Eats, where I post all the recipes I've tried during the week and my review of them.  I've been doing something new at my house for the past three weeks, where I plan out dinners for the whole week, then go grocery shopping for the ingredients that I need.  This helps me in a few ways.  The most important is that I am making a healthier choice for dinner each night-which not only benefits me, but my family and it also stops me from wasting groceries.  I had a knack for buying a whole bunch of foods with the best intentions, then I was too lazy to make them and we always seemed to deviate from "the plan".  This hasn't happened yet.  We've swapped around some of the days to make them fit our schedule-but that's about it!

Below you'll find the picture, link to recipe and review of what we had at "The Longs" this week (with a few keepers from previous weeks):

Scalloped Portobello & Cauliflo…

Autoimmune Disease and Me

So as many of you know, I battle Hashimoto Thyroiditis (aka hypothyroidism).  Briefly - Hashimotos disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid.  The resulting inflammation from Hashimotos often leads to an under active thyroid gland.  I've been taking medication to support my thyroid for over two years and I...of course...blame all of my weight issues on Hahimotos.

Most recently I received a diagnosis of Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy (BSRC) - which is an uncommon, bilateral inflammatory disease affecting the choroid layer of the eye (between the outer sclaera and the inner retina).  It belongs to the group of disorders known as the idiopathic multifunctional white dot syndromes.  It was first really discovered in 1949 and variously called "candle wax spot retinochoroidopathy " and "rice grain retinochoroidopathy", which gives you an idea of what is seen on examining these patients.  It only gained formal recognition as it is currently…

Day Ten, Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

Apparently I've been slacking! Whoops, sorry for not posting daily life went ahead and got in the way again. I've been doing ok on the cleanse, but if I'm going to be completely honest, I've been eating some processed snacks that's have no business eating-cleanse or not. Processed foods and sugars sure do have a tight hold on me. I've been able to give up pasta and bread-so why not the other stuff. It's frustrating especially when I figured I'd easily drop 20lbs doing this cleanse and that is most definitely not the case. However lately the thought has crossed my mind that I'm simply not eating enough. So today I'll be tracking my calorie intake, which I haven't done since starting the cleanse. I'll also be trying my very hardest not to eat anything on the "no eat" list today. I'll be going to a family BBQ this afternoon with all the things that will tempt me. So we'll see how it goes!
Here's the meals from the past …

Day Eight & Nine

Things are still going well on the no carb front for me. I can't say the same about sugar. I am still craving it in the worst way. I stopped taking Gymena(to help curb the sugar cravings) daily when the cleanse began, I think I need to add that back in and see if that helps. I also felt kinda bloated and crappy after dinner. I was eating cheese for the first time in 9 days. I LOVE cheese, but it seems that cheese no longer loves me. Which is a great thing to know. I probably never noticed before because I was bloated from all the bread I was eating. Smoothies have continued to be my staple. Here's day eight and nine for food- Breakfast-smoothie & 2 eggs, Lunch- Smoothie, Dinner-spaghetti squash with meat sauce-loaded with portobello mushrooms, tomato and onions Breakfast-smoothie and eggs, Lunch-Smoothie, Dinner- cauliflower pizza with spinach and goat cheese

Cleanse Week One Complete

Was I expecting insane results...yes. Did I cheat....yes. Did I get in what I put out...yes. So all in all I'm satisfied with my results. My belly is getting flatter, feeling less bloated. I admit to cheating with sweets a few times. Apparently their hold on my is tighter then bread and pasta. I haven't had any of those in a week. I will continue to do my best in this next week, adding in some exercise. I haven't done any in well over a week. I used the cleanse as a crutch as to why I couldn't exert myself. Lame I know. So off to the next week, I hope you continue to follow my progress.  Here's a week one picture side by side. 
I weighed in this morning at 205.4, a 3.8lb loss for the week. 

Day Seven-Cleanse

Day seven, last day of the cleanse capsules. I can't say I will miss taking all those capsules. Today was one of the easier days for me. I worked out in the yard, my personal slice of paradise as I like to call it and it distracted both me and the kids from becoming irritated at one another. Which then of course leads me to do the right thing when it comes to food. Here's a look at today's food- Breakfast-Smoothie, Lunch-salad with a turkey dog, Dinner-beef & mushroom kabobs with quinoa

Day Five & Six Cleanse

Days 5 & 6 are done and you'd think by now I'd have the food rules down pat. I don't. Day six was nothing short of embarrassing. I started out fantastic. Then life got in the way.  In the early afternoon I found myself super agitated at just about everything. The kids were misbehaving, the house was a mess and I had a million and one things to do. I quickly found myself back in my old habits. I had poptarts. I felt like I blew the whole plan. I'm embarrassed to even write it out. I stress eat. Even with trying as hard as I can to clean eat I can't stop myself. My body rejected the sugars and crap snack within a short time. I definitely paid for my poor choice. I'm also not sure that it will deter me from doing it again. With all that said I will celebrate my victory against eating all the party foods tonight. I went to a wine tasting and there were no "approved" foods there for me. I politely declined. I had a few sips of wine for the tasting, but…

Goodbye Lily Boxing..Hello Destination: True Self

I've changed the name of the blog beginning today.  I figured I'd make the formal announcement before changing all of the names on social media. 

Feel free to read the Welcome page for the in depth reason for the change, but the short reason is Lily Boxing didn't seem to fit where I am in life right now.  I hope you'll continue to follow my blog. 


Day Four - Cleanse

Day four down. Feeling a little better about things today. Keeping lean proteins in has been helping me feel full longer. I snuck a bite of cheese today. I'm not sure if that what was gave me the massive stomach ache, but I won't be sneaking cheese again for a while. Apparently I am a do it and learn the hard way kind of girl. 😁 
Here's what was on the menu -

Day Three - Cleanse

Saying that today wasn't a challenge would be a lie. I started the day off great, then around 2pm I found myself caving to one of my weaknesses...frosted animal crackers. I bought them for the kids, knowing full well I would have a hard time resisting. So after I indulged I felt like crap, my stomach bloated and of course I confessed to my group that I'm cleansing with. They were all so supportive. It was a great feeling. I'm hoping these cravings subside even a little. Here's what made my menu today - minus those tempting crackers!
Egg whites, smoothie and water for breakfast
Spaghetti squash with marina sauce-loaded with diced tomatoes and onions for lunch
Steamed cod with California melody veggies for dinner with a smoothie

Day Two - Cleanse

Today was less stressful around the house so that helped me not want to snack on things I shouldn't. No headaches today, however my energy was on the lower side. I got tired out quickly. I also ended up adding a protein at dinner time since I was feeling so lethargic. Here were some of the things I ate today, along with 2 SP smoothies. 
Half of an acorn squash baked with butter and paprika
Lentil soup
Hamburger with A1 sauce and whipped carrots and parsnips

Day One - Cleanse

Well. I somewhat survived day one of my cleanse.  I am a wicked carb addict, so I instantly craved them. So badly at times that I could have sworn I could taste the snack I was imagining. Sad I know. The smoothies were good, they helped me feel like I was getting a treat.  Dinner time was the toughest. I made spaghetti squash for myself and regular pasta for my family. I snuck a strand and felt bad after. 😁 I couldn't tell if the sudden summer weather we're having or the cleanse had me extra irritable, but I also had my oldest son home from school yesterday with a sprained ankle.  I'm hoping that day two will go smoother. Here's pictures of lunch and dinner-
Portobello Mushroom pan fried in organic butter with romaine lettuce & organic balsamic vinegar dressing   Spaghetti Squash with marinara sauce with diced tomatoes and onions

Beginning Stats 21 Day Cleanse

Well. I am back at 209.2 as of this morning. I'm sure the pizza and bagels I consumed yesterday as part of my "last meals" didn't help. 😁
Beginning stats- Weight-209.2 Hips-46 Waist-39.5 Bust-37 Left Arm-15 Left Thigh-28 Left Calf-16.25 Body fat-37.5%

21 Day Standard Process Cleanse

Tomorrow I begin my very first cleanse. I have chose to do the 21day Standard Process cleanse, upon recommendation from a trusted friend and attending a seminar about the company, Standard Process. I am a little nervous and a little excited all at the same time. I am not what you would call a vegetable fan. I just recently, within the last year, started introducing them into my daily diet. I chose to do this cleanse for the most basic of reasons, to force a reboot of my metabolism, my body, my mind and my diet. Carbohydrates have always been my weakness. My hopes are that with doing this cleanse, I will learn to eat healthier and have a clearer mind and also feel more grounded.  This time of year is one of the best times of the year to do a full 21 day cleanse.  It's spring, when all things are growing, seeds are being planted, everything becomes renewed. What an amazing feeling it will be to do this for myself. Renew and energize myself for the summer. I'll be posting daily on…

Why do I do this to myself?

Recently after eating like I was going to the chair I came to the conclusion that I suffer from binge eating.  I spent some time on the web and realized that I had a legitimate problem.  This is what has been standing in my way over this last year of constantly trying to lose weight.  I've always been guilty of doing this.  It used to be on weigh in day for Weight Watchers.  I would starve myself the morning of the meeting until I would weigh in, then I would binge eat for the rest of the day, not counting points and just hanging my hat on the fact that I had a whole week to "work it off".  I somehow ended up being successful with my weight loss pulling this crap the last time.  This time the reality of life and not concentrating that "Free Food" day to one day has kept me at a stagnant weight.  I am close to the heavest I have ever been and from what I've been reading, that is not helping my disorder.  
Now please don't mistake me opening up about this …