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Do these five serious shapers for your best butt ever.
ON YOUR MARK – Targets shoulders, arms, abs and butt
Start on all fours, hands under shoulders and back flatStep left foot forward on floor by left hand, left knee bent 90 degreesExtend your left leg behind you, raising it as high as you can, pointing toesQuickly return left foot to floor by left handDo 15 to 30 reps, switch sides and repeatDo 2 Sets
SADDLEBAG TRIMMER– Targets abs, butt, inner and outer thighs
Start on all fours, then lower right hip to floor so that hips, knees and ankles are stakedBring left knee into chest as you bend elbows to lower chest toward floorStraighten left arm as you extend left leg behind youDo 15-30 reps, switch sides and repeat.  Do 2 sets
LUNGE LEG LIFT –Targets abs, butt, hamstrings and quads
Stand with feet shoulder width apart, then lunge back with left leg, raising arms in front of you shoulder heightStand up on right leg, knee slightly bent, and lift left knee to hip height in front of youExtend l…

Weight Loss Tips To Keep You Going

Measure your steps and reps:  Start with small goals to be able to work yourself up to  doing each exercise until failure…meaning until you just can’t do it anymore!
Seek alternative energy:  Before grabbing a snack for an energy boost, do a mental check on if you’re stressed, low on sleep or thirsty.  Then try to grab a snack that is low on calories, higher in fiber to keep you fuller longer.

Excuse proof your workout: Here are a few exercises that require no equipment, so you can do them ANYWHERE!
Bridge: Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor.  Lift hips up so that your body forms a straight line between shoulders and knees.  Lower and repeat.Burpee:  Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, arms by sides.  Lower into a squat and place palms on floor in front of feet.  Jump feet back into full push up position.  Jump feet towards hands and then jump up immediately, extending hands over head.  Repeat.Three-Legged Plank: Begin on the floor in a full push…


Om time may help you gain control of your cravings.  Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that people who regularly practiced yoga were more mindful of their eating habits.  While there is no guarantee that sun salutations will cure you of wanting seconds, doing a few moves can’t hurt.


Here are some secrets from the Biggest Loser Couples winner Olivia Ward and her sister-teammate Hannah Curlee …
Secret #1 You deserve to be in great shape.  The first step in dropping the weight is realizing that you don’t like where are and know that you deserve to fix it.

Secret #2 Stop being so hard on yourself. Believing that you can do something will make you actually do it!

Secret #3 You don’t have to spend hours in the gym.  Try to find one favorite workout and squeeze that in daily (kickboxing class, spinning, yoga, Zumba)

Secret #4 Eat more, not less.  Start each day with a proper breakfast.  Ditch the deprivation diet and never let yourself get to the point where you’re famished with no healthy food around.  Carry a healthy snack with you at all times for that just in case moment.

Secret #5  Ask for what you want.  When eating out speak up for how you want your food prepared (hold the dressing, half the cheese)

Secret #6  Do the write thing.  Keeping a journal of everything that i…