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What's New?

A lot! 

School is in session and has been going great.  Both boys are attending the same school and James has adjusted really well to the new environment.  I drive the kids to school every morning so it's created a schedule for me to follow and gets me out and running my errands at a decent hour.  I've been catching up on things that I haven't been able to do while the kids are here.  Cleaning rooms and sorting. 

I'm still working on my weight loss journey, it's slow, real slow.  But I've changed my thyroid meds (September 15th) and I've noticed that I'm losing some weight! Which was NOT happening with the levothyroxine.  It's been just over a month and I've lost just about 5 pounds.  I haven't been tracking like I wanted, but as anyone who has done any kind of tracking knows, it's an adjustment. 

So, now that I've caught up on a lot of my household chores and business loose ends, I plan on posting here more often.  Check out my &…