4 New Ways to Stop Stress Eating

Can’t resist the office vending machine?  Well….blame your boss.  According to researchers at Emory University when alpha female monkeys ordered around less dominant pack members, the inferior animals ate significantly more AND gained more weight over a 2 month period of than the “mean girls” in charge.  The submissive monkeys also had higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone linked with dangerous belly fat.  Here are a few work friendly ways to prevent stress eating:
  1. Email yourself every time you eat.  Include the details of why and review the messages every Friday and look for patterns.  Create an action plan of what you’ll do differently next time.
  2. Instead of turning to food, email a buddy and tell her how you’re feeling.  Wait for her response before hitting the kitchen
  3. Sip green of black tea before reaching for a snack.  The drink contains theanine an amino acid that increases levels of relaxing chemicals in the brain.
  4. Join an Internet community for support, such as an emotional eating forum.
 Prevention Magazine October 2008


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