The Winter Sport That Gives You Joy


If you're hitting the slopes this winter, you might want to pick up skis instead of a snowboard. Skiers report more pleasure and engagement than snowboarders, even if they're just casual participants, according to a new study in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life

Researchers surveyed 279 visitors at three ski resorts in South Korea to look at their level of pleasure, flow (when you lose yourself in an activity), and sense of involvement after participating in either winter sport. The result: Ski bunnies came out on top. The skiers reported more pleasure and involvement in their sport than the snowboarders, which seemed to be mediated by their level of flow or engagement. And luckily, even one or very few outings had a positive effect on their mood—so there's no need to blow your bank account on a cabin for the whole season just to reap these benefits.  

Women's Health Magazine



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