Singe Benefits

Which workouts earn the most calorie after-burn?  Check out these figures so you can keep working on yours!

  • 45 Min Spinning Class burns 519 calories during and 190 post workout
  • 60 Min Interval Running burns 515 calories during and 75 post workout
  • 30 Min Steady Running burns 485 calories during and 35 post workout
  • 40 Min Walk burns 369 during and 49 post workout
  • 50 Min Strength Training burns 161 during and 14 post workout
  • 19 Min Circuit Training burns 109 during and 25 post workout
Fitness Magazine July/August 2011


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower from the "Let's Get Social Sunday" hop. Thanks for this post...I am always trying to figure out how much I'm burning, so this is a great tool for me. I'm sure the amounts can vary a little based on weight, etc., but this is a great starting point! Thanks!


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