Tips on Tackling Hills During Your Walk/Run

People overestimate inclines by about 19 degrees, shown by new study done by Ohio State University at  Mansfield.  Make tackling those hills feel easier with these strategies for clearing your mental hurdles.
  1. Picture Perfect:  If you visualize yourself conquering that hill on your route, chances are by the time you actually get there to hit the hill, you'll breeze thru it easier because your brain has already done the mental workout.
  2. Get A Closer Look:  Your brain can't read depth as well from a distance, Dennis Shaffer, Ph.D, associate professor of psychology says.  Just keep reminding yourself as you work up the hill, that the hill will shrink with each step you take and make the task not seem as daunting.
  3. Break It Up:  When you hit the incline, talk yourself thru it, set small goals such as running strong from this light post to the next.  Once you've completed that goal, set the next.  Before you know it you're at the top!
Fitness Magazine July/August 2011


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