How to Find a Perfect Running Partner

Running with someone is incredibly motivating. But what if your guy or BFF is the hare to your tortoise, or vice versa? Here’s how to make any partnership work.

Sync Your Schedules.
If you’re the faster runner, align one of your regular or easier days with her harder or longer workout. But don’t discuss it—it’s not nice to proclaim that you’re “taking it easy” if she’s struggling to keep up!

Meet and Greet.
Do an easy warm-up together, then go your separate ways (and paces) during your workout. Meet up afterward to talk about your run. If your friend is faster, join her for her cooldown.

Grow Your Circle.
Go together to a group run (they are often hosted by local running stores). You’ll still be holding each other accountable, you won’t have to be the newbie alone, and you’ll each log a quality session with athletes at your own level.

photo: IStockphoto/Thinkstock
Published on June 14th, 2013
Women's Health Magazine


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