Boxing...The Benefits

According to the American Council on Exercise, boxing burns approximately 8 calories a minute, the same as if you were jogging.  A great way to get started boxing is to try shadow boxing.  Most gyms offer cardio kickboxing classes where you can try it out in a group setting.   The best part of shadow boxing is there is no equipment required!!

The three best reasons to try boxing are:
  • You get a rock-hard body-because boxing is a total body workout, it not only improves your cardiovascular health, but your flexibility and coordination as well.  Every time you box you use your abs, arms, shoulders, thighs, glutes, calves and butt.  You’re revving up your heart rate, burning away calories, working your whole body in one short workout!
  • Quick Results-because boxing or shadow boxing is such a high intensity workout with a mix of cardio and strength training your body whips into shape just that much faster!  Who wouldn’t like that?  If you box for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week, you can start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks!!
  • Stress Relief- When you are focused on your boxing routine it puts you in a totally different zone.  You take the focus off your daily frustrations and stressors and you get out the aggressions with throwing those punches!
Try out this 20 minute shadow boxing routine provided by Weight Watchers Magazine(May/June 2011)
  • 2 Minutes - Fighting Stance-Basis for all moves in this routine.  Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent, elbows at your side, fists in front of your chin, palms facing in.  With your abs tight-punch arm straight out in front of you, rotating your wrist so that your palm is facing down.  Pull arm back quickly to starting position.  Alternate sides-these are called Jabs and Crosses
  • 1 Minute - Upper Cut-In fighting stance, keeping your arms bent, pull your fist behind your hip, then punch upward(like you would catch your opponents chin) to bring your fist in front of your forehead.  Alternate sides.  Working your: back, shoulders and abs.
  • 1 Minute - Squat Font Kick with Crossover Jab- Still in fighting stance, squat and as you lift up, kick with your right foot (aiming for your opponents waist) and at the same time jab left arm across body.  Alternate sides. Works your: thighs, arms, butt and abs
  • 1 Minute - Step Punch-In fighting stance, keep your abs tight and chest lifted, step forward with your left leg while punching out with your right arm, quickly return to start position.  Alternate sides.  Works your: thighs, shoulders and abs
  • 1 Minute - Step Side Duck-Still in fighting stance, step out to the side, slightly wider than shoulder width, lower into a squat.  Return to start and repeat with left leg, as if you are ducking from an opponent.  Alternate sides.  Works your: thighs, butt, lower back and abs
  • Cool Down - Seated V Stretch- Sit with legs extended, arms at sides.  Twist torso toward left leg as you reach right arm toward left foot.  Keep your abs tight and back flat as you continue to reach for 10 seconds.  Return to start.  Do 6 reps on each side to cool down.
Now you’re done and have burned approximately 160 calories in your 20 minute workout!
Click on the link for a printable version of this workout 20 Minute Shadow Boxing Workout


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