Fit Walking Into Your Day

Here are a few ways on how to fit a little more walking into your day:

At Work
  • Park your car in the space that is the furthest away and walk to the office
  • If you take the train/bus get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way
  • Walk to work (if you're close enough)
  • On your lunch break, go for a walk around the block
  • If you need to speak to somebody in the office walk over to them instead of calling
  • Don't take the elevator, use the stairs
With The Kids
  • Walk the children to school/playgroup
  • Walk to the park and back with the kids on the weekend
  • Find the time for one walk each week with each child-make this a special time for you two to catch up
  • Make it your mission to plan a new walk each weekend-look out for local parks, country walk, etc
With Friends
  • Plan to go walking for fitness once a week with friends
  • If you plan to meet with friends walk to their house, or get them to meet you half way
  • Rather than meeting your friends for coffee, suggest going for a stroll instead
At Home
  • Get up early and go for a walk
  • Set a goal to walk up and down the stairs a certain amount of times per day
  • Walk your dog


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