Rear View….But Better

To get the most boost, do all four moves twice a week and watch your rear view get even better!!

Lying Butt Lift:  
  • Lie on your back placing your right heel on a low surface (just be sure it’s something sturdy)
  • Rest your left ankle on your right knee. 
  • Keeping your arms beside your body with your shoulders down, lift your hips off the floor. 
  • Return to start. 
  • Do two sets of ten on each side.
One Legged Squats·        
  • Stand behind a chair, feet hip width apart
  • Shift weight to your left heel and move right foot forward a few inches so toes are lightly touching the floor.
  • Holding onto the chair, bend both knees deeply, as if you were sitting down-keeping all your weight on your left
  • Lift back up
  • Do two sets of ten on each side
Functional Lunges
  • Stand with hands on hips
  • Step back two feet with your right leg and bend your left knee into a lunge(make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes)
  • Touch toes with right hand
  • Return to start
  • Do two sets of ten each side
Side Squats
  • Stand with feet wide, toes pointed forward
  • Clasp hands in front of your chest
  • Lunge to the right, bending your right knee deep and keeping it forward
  • Tilt torso forward lightly, but keep your back straight and pelvis tucked under
  • Return to start
  • So two sets of ten each side


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