Week Three...Back on track

Here I am, beginning week four and I've gotten a little more honest with myself. I realized I was grazing every night and not tracking it. So this week I tracked...EVEYTHING. Thats how I came up with that pitiful number of "extra" points. That accounted for the whole bag of pop corners I decided to eat one night or the extra chocolate bananas. If I don't get real, I'm not going to lose the weight. 

I'm already fighting what feels like a losing battle with Hosimotos Disease (which results in hypothyroidism).  They found my thyroid was under active when I was pregnant with James in 2013. They've been trying to get the dosage right ever since. The doctors hoped it was pregnancy induced, but my luck was that it was clinical levels and it wasn't going away. Within the last few weeks they diagnosed me with Hosimotos. Essentially, Hosimotos is an autoimmune disease that your immune system attacks your thyroid. Awesome right? 

So where this week will take me is continue to track every bite, lick and taste I make. I will continue to keep moving, when I go back to work on Monday. However as we all know, with a desk job it's not that easy, but if it's a nice day, I'll hit the pavement for a brisk walk. 

I'll take my 1.4 loss for this week and work hard for a better food week & plenty of movement. 


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