Reflections from Week Nine

My biggest reflection from week nine is that I was over confident.  This is a rabbit hole I fall into quite often while trying to lose weight.  I have a really good week for weight loss like I did on week eight, then in a true self sabotaging action I get lax on my "food rules".  This week it was some Peeps Oreos on Sunday and Monday, extra biscuit (or 2) with dinner on Sunday, a box of mini Charleston Chews on Tuesday and a whole pint of frozen yogurt on Wednesday.  Thankfully my brain snapped back after that pint of froyo.  I stood in my kitchen and actually said out loud "WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?" The Oreos and biscuits were foods that were brought into the house by someone else, but I chose to eat them and I chose to not track them.  The other items I purposefully went out and purchased, I tracked them, but then tried to starve myself out to "make-up" for the points.  We all know that is the worst thing you can do to your body.  I know it's horrible, but that was the way my mind bargained for those treats.

When my mind is set on hitting my goal I can have the willpower needed to pass on things I love.  For instance on Thursday night my husband came home with 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and they were all my favorites - Thin Mints, Samoas and S'mores.  Seriously I could have killed him.  Thankfully I live in a house of boys and they dogged that box of Samoas in one sitting - however I did snag one (and tracked it) on Thursday night.  They cracked open the Thin Mints Friday night and it was a little harder to sit there and watch them eat the cookies.  This time the little guy got in on the cookie action and that box was gone in 5 minutes.  Again I had only 1 cookie (and tracked it).  The last box of cookies still remains, but when I scanned it this morning and saw that 2 cookies are 9 points it was enough of  a deterrent not to open the box. 

Bottom line is, I'm the only one that can stop this particular cycle.  I know I'm not alone when it comes to this kind of cycle, because we JUST talked about it in the meeting room last Sunday.  I set myself some really reasonable and attainable goals this week.  All I have to do is follow them!

* Drink 120 oz of water per day
* 30 minutes of yoga daily
* No candy

I'm looking forward to a much better week.  Even if all I do is eliminate the bad behaviors from last week, I'm making progress in the right direction.



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