Cleanse Week One Complete

Was I expecting insane results...yes. Did I cheat....yes. Did I get in what I put out...yes. So all in all I'm satisfied with my results. My belly is getting flatter, feeling less bloated. I admit to cheating with sweets a few times. Apparently their hold on my is tighter then bread and pasta. I haven't had any of those in a week. I will continue to do my best in this next week, adding in some exercise. I haven't done any in well over a week. I used the cleanse as a crutch as to why I couldn't exert myself. Lame I know. 
So off to the next week, I hope you continue to follow my progress. 
Here's a week one picture side by side. 

I weighed in this morning at 205.4, a 3.8lb loss for the week. 


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