Day Five & Six Cleanse

Days 5 & 6 are done and you'd think by now I'd have the food rules down pat. I don't. Day six was nothing short of embarrassing. I started out fantastic. Then life got in the way.  In the early afternoon I found myself super agitated at just about everything. The kids were misbehaving, the house was a mess and I had a million and one things to do. I quickly found myself back in my old habits. I had poptarts. I felt like I blew the whole plan. I'm embarrassed to even write it out. I stress eat. Even with trying as hard as I can to clean eat I can't stop myself. My body rejected the sugars and crap snack within a short time. I definitely paid for my poor choice. I'm also not sure that it will deter me from doing it again. 
With all that said I will celebrate my victory against eating all the party foods tonight. I went to a wine tasting and there were no "approved" foods there for me. I politely declined. I had a few sips of wine for the tasting, but that was pretty much it. I came home and went to bed, even though I wants to ravage the fridge. 
Well. Here's to a better day seven!

Here's what I ate before it all went bad-


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