Better Off Red?

Turkey and Chicken seem to be everyones standby when it comes to trying to make the healthy summer grilling choices.  BUT….sometimes red meat is the winner!

Turkey Burger vs Ground Beef…fat wars
Sometimes a low fat burger can be a better option than a turkey burger….go figure!  A 4oz burger with ground turkey can have up to 17g of fat!  That is 13g more than a 94% lean ground beef burger.  Wondering why there is so much fat?  Sometimes ground turkey burgers can contain dark meat and skin, so you need to read the labels carefully.  If you get a burger with ground turkey breast or lean ground you’re getting 1g fat per 4oz serving.  When it comes to turkey burgers the lighter the color the better.

Turkey vs Beef Hotdogs…Sodium smart?
Easy right?  Turkey hot dog will always be better for you….wrong.  Some turkey hot dogs pack in a whopping 550mg of sodium!  Dietary guidelines for healthy adults suggest 2,300 mg of sodium per day so that is nearly a quarter of your daily value.  Your lower sodium choice is to purchase turkey franks or fat free beef dogs, which have 200 mg less sodium, not to mention 5g less fat!

Grass fed meats have twice the heart healthy omega threes of grain fed beef, not to mention the extra lean cuts from top round to tenderloin have 5g of fat or less in each 3oz serving.


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