Feel Full Longer

If you’re already thinking about what’s for lunch just after finishing your breakfast it’s time for a breakfast makeover.  What you need…more protein.  Here are some breakfast suggestions:

Go Canadian…bacon that is. With 6g of protein per slice, you’re packing in more protein and less fat than regular bacon.  Not to mention it takes a little longer to eat since you usually need a knife and fork to tackle this treat.

Butter…But better.  Choose a high protein spread such as soy nut butter which has up to 10g of protein per serving.  This healthy choice has more protein and less sugar than traditional peanut butter.

Yolking it Up.  Since the yolk of an egg contains nearly half of the 6g of protein, don’t skip the yellow all together.  Instead keep your cholesterol in check by scrambling a whole egg with 2 whites.  More egg, more protein, less cholesterol and you’re feeling full longer!

A few other tips from the July/August 2011 Weight Watchers Magazine are:

If you start with…Then Add this….You'll Get this…

1C Honeydew melon + 1C nonfat plain Greek Yogurt = 21g Protein

1 Pancake + 1C nonfat plain cottage cheese = 18g Protein

1C Oatmeal +  1 TBSP pumpkin seeds = 8g Protein


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