Energizing Your Stride

Here are some tips on getting ready for those road races we all love to do!

Top Off Your Tank:  The day before the big race, take in some extra calories.  How to figure the right amount? Multiply your weight by .73 to get the exact number of calories for each mile you are going to run.  Example 140(lbs) x .73 = 102.2 calories per mile you’ll run.  So with a 10K run, you’d eat an additional 634 calories!

Carb Load:  At least half of those bonus calories (317) should come from carbs, bump that figure up 80% if you plan to run at a “push it” pace.  Suggested meal: Half glass of OJ with a medium bagel with some low fat cream cheese and that’s 300 calories worth of carbs. 

Power Through 26.2: For down to the crumb tracking when you’re about to run a marathon use this calculation: weight, age, resting heart rate, and goal finish time into the calculator, by doing this you’ll get the exact number of prerace calories and carbs for a specific speed.


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